Dash Pro volume too low


Hey guys, just bought the Dash Pro at best buy yesterday, and I’m currently using them. The volume is on the max on my phone and the Dash, but it’s just too low for my liking. Is this a known problem? Does the custom Starkey version have better volume? Please let me know your thoughts. As of now, I’m probably going to return them.


I can only speak for the dash 1,0 personally, but I know it received a lot of complaints about being low in volume too. Personally I can’t say I’ve ever Harold an issue. I’ll usually be around or just before the safe volume limit but maxing out is definitely too much for the ears. Just my experience though


Uff… it really depends. They decreased the low frequency volume a little bit to get a better reproduction of higher frequencies. But as everything - volume is subjective. After a while with the dash you will not realize the difference anymore. And I would avoid comparing it with over-ears. For in-ears the dash and dash pro have both a very good music quality. I don’t know anything better… with cables or without.


Thanks for the info guys. I’ll stick with more, see if they get better.


Are you getting a good seal at present too ? This also has a lot to do with volume perceived too


Issued fixed. I’m an idiot. Thought the volume on the earbud was at max, but it wasn’t. Max recommended volume is plenty loud. Thanks again guys.


I own both the dash pro and the starkey edition.there is no difference in volume levels ,however the starkey sounds alot nicer with a very deep bass responce.


i been doing earfi for a while. i am using cm iem for music. i just got my dash pro yesterday. it come with comfort foam. that’s the problem. it will absorb bass. i replaced it with silicon plugs. it sound much better now. will bragi release silicon plugs soon?


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I find that volume differs from app to app. The volume in most music apps (Spotify etc) is really good. But in movies it sucks. On Netflix/downloaded movies, it is hard to keep up with any dialogue at all. This is after maxing out the volume on the earphones as well as device… Tried everything but to no avail. Given that the volume in music apps is really good, it’s definitely not a hardware issue. Can this be fixed via a firmware update?


This is to do with the audio levels of different media and not anything to do with the dash. My £1,000 stereo amp will have to be cranked up to watch some of the TV shows I download just because the audio levels they are encoded with suck. Yet if I was to play music from my high Res player even a quarter of the dial will shake the house. Not the amps fault.