Dash Pro tailored, but for music only


Are any plans to release a dash Pro but, for music listening only like the headphones but tailored?

just the ability to get updates but with most of the sensors out, to increase battery life and Primary goal be music listening.
specially for long flights.

Also to be able to make and answer calls and multi device support at least 2 phones at the same time.
Also will be nice if the headphones can support both AAC AND APTX-HD protocols for sound quality or at least AAC and Aptx.

Ok I just did a research and found out that Android O will be supporting All 3 Codecs, AAC, APTX-HD and LDAC, If you could make the new Headphones able to support all of this 3 protocols will be very nice.
yes there will be some licensing royalties but, I wont mind paying a little extra for a device that can support all 3 major protocols for the best music listening and experience.

FYI. I know the big 3 will get them on their devices, LG, Samsung, Motorola. I believe you can beat them to the punch and offered the first all wireless ear buds that support all protocols for better music listening.


Bragi looked at Aptx and after testing, it made no perceptible difference in sound quality over Bluetooth.

SONY helped Google with music reproduction for Android O.
Most people don’t have good quality audio files to begin with, the protocols improved fidelity won’t matter IMO.

I am with you RE: multipoint connectivity.

Long flights, you will run out of battery and will need to charge mid-flight, even with the Dash Pro and the improved (5 hours?) battery life.



Aptx is not just about sound quality - it is about lower latency, lower bandwidth and increased battery life. If you are watching movies and such lower latency improves the sync of the audio with the picture.

For example I bought Bose QC35ii wireless headset before Bragi, the Bose have a very high latency of ~220 ms which is enough to be noticeable watching a movie. I have yet to see a 3rd party test of the latency on the Bragi. It’s totally possible they already have a latency half of the bose… would need to have them tested. Could be a non-issue.

For reference read this: