Dash Pro speaker tip


Does anyone else have trouble with the little speaker grill in the tip getting plugged with wax buildup over time and diminishing sound output?
I try to keep them clean by gently using the tip of a paper towel or cloth, but it just seems to pack it into the screen. Now today I noticed it was nice and clear, so I looked in the tip only to notice the screen is missing on one of them. Is it okay to leave it that way?


@Harleygiesbrecht, We suggest using them with The Speakergrills, in order to keep out dirt and maintain the warerproofness.

I can send you a new set of Grill if you provide me with your email!



I have good experiences with using a soft toothbrush to gently brush off everything that doesnt belong there. It happens that from time to time that one of the grills comes of. If you place them on your finger and push them inside again they remain fixed. You can help a little bit with your finger nails.

To be honest… I think that these grills are one of the only weak points of the Dash and the Dash Pro. Its hard to clean them and to easy to detach them…


Yes, thanks! I don’t know how it fell out, but I guess I’ll try to watch for them coming loose.


Does the grill make the waterproof seal? Or is there another seal farther in?


I’ve send you an email! :slight_smile:


I don’t know. But it wouldn’t make sense from a sound-quality point of view to add another layer. My interpretation ist that the grill (due to its extremly small net-size) is shielding the bragi. But again - it only an assumption. ^^


This happened to me too… I’ve only had them for a couple weeks, and I noticed the left speaker mesh grill missing randomly. How does that happen? What if it is stuck in your ear and you don’t even know?



Thanks for getting back to us!

This should definitely not happen, and be sure that we’ll help you solving this. Please reach us at support@bragi.com so we can help replacing the Mesh for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Team Bragi


Well, my left Dash had almost no sound anymore, so after chatting with support, I had to get them out, clean them from both sides and then putting them back in. Crystal clear sound!


Great to hear! Thanks for the cooperation :smiley:


Hello Kristian I had the same problem and through the support team I was advised to remove the grill and clean it. But now the grill keeps falling from the dash. Can you please tell me how to get another set to replace?
Thank you in advance. My email cmrsilvestre@netcabo.pt



If you’re reaching out to our Support Team again, then they can provide you with a set of Speaker Grills :slight_smile:

Let me know if you can solve it.



Ok I will try that thank you