Dash Pro: Shipping Anticipation!


Ordered: Dash Pro Black, 5/16 - anyone get their shipping notification yet? Anxiously awaiting!


I’m curious about this too. Anyone – ? Chat support told me last week that Best Buy would have them in a few weeks. I’d love to read some real world reviews before pulling the string on another pair…


I ordered mine on 5/16 and received a shipping notification on Wednesday. Hopefully they arrive today


Hey Guys,

Shipping has started and you should all receive tracking asap.

@erockg - Review samples are out in the field and we hope to hear something back early next week. We are looking forward to these too and understand some people waiting on them before they buy.

As for Best Buy there should be an announcement soon.


Please let everyone know your thoughts once you receive your Dash Pro!


Yes! Forgot to update, I got my tracking number on Wednesday. Still en route!


100% can’t wait. The only info I want confirmed officially is if the bluetooth works or not! looking forward and hoping for a positive review


Thank you for the update. Eagerly anticipating them out in the wild :slight_smile:


So close! Package landed in my state at noon but with UPS not delivering on weekends AND the Memorial day holiday, probably will sit there til Tuesday. :sob::sob::sob:


Nooooooo! I feel your pain dude! :disappointed_relieved:


Thats just cruel :frowning:

All the better when they finally arrive though Lou!


Received mine yesterday and went for a quick 1km run (I had to go out so only had 10mins) I had placed my phone in my left bottom shorts pocket to test the Bluetooth connection. (I don’t ever run like this as I usually wear an armband on my left). The connection was so much better than the previous dash I had, usually doing something like this would cause skipping and stuttering and then just cut out, but this connection was 1000x times better.

Also, I can not here any white noise like the previous. If I turn the volume all the way up without anything playing normally I would here white noise with my previous dash, but not these.

Sound quality is definitely a lot better, I watched a movie when I got home last night and I would put the sound quality very close to my Bose QC35 headphones, not quite as good but very close. To have this level of sound quality from such a small device is amazing.

Still a lot more testing to do, but so far very positive!

Good work bragi


Thanks so much for the early info. So to clarify… The connection is better than the dash… But was it stable? Did it work… Did it still cut out when you look over your right shoulder etc…?

Thanks in advance



Hi James! Thank you so much for that feedback.

Glad to read that the BT connectivity has improved.
I have the QC35 and I don’t think the sound quality is good at all.

I highly recommend you get foam tips for your Dash Pro. I use ComplyFoam with my Dash and it’s amazing the sound quality we miss out on once a proper and better seal is achieved in ear.

@Dean could you please let us know which vendor do Bragi use for The Dash Pro now RE: the BT radio?


So I did more testing today and found a few things regarding bluetooth connectivity. If I place my phone (iPhone 7 Plus) in my left shorts pocket facing down then the bluetooth was fine. If I placed it in facing upwards then the bluetooth would occasionally cut out. No issues at all in the right pocket.

Also, I had the iPhone in an armband on my left arm and I cannot positively say if it was cutting out or if it was the song. It work fine for my entire run except the last 3 mins so I don’t know. (also I don’t know the song as it was a streaming curated playlist) I need to do more testing to have a definitive answer here. Either way, the bluetooth connection is so much better than previous.

The 4D menu works really well as long as your not running, I found trying to access it whilst running was proving problematic. I think the constant up and down motion from running made it difficult for the dash to work out what was legit and what wasn’t. Im going riding tomorrow and will test this further.

All iin all still very happy with my purchase but still alot more testing to be done


Thanks for the feedback!

The 4D menu for me is awesome on the rowing machine when your hands are tied :slight_smile:

Dont crash on your bike while testing the 4D menu please.


Pressure testing the 4D menu has been great. It’s come in useful in a few scenarios I hadn’t even considered like carrying shopping bags when meeting someone in the street and being able to pause and open transparency as I walk toward them for a conversation.

It’s also superbly functional because we can now pause/play and skip while touch lock is in use!

Question Dean- you’d mentioned at the weekend the Kickstarter backer vouchers were to come out Monday/Tuesday this week. Do you know if this is still the plan?


Hey Bane,

Still the plan, i have a meeting soon to finalise! Will update you guys asap.



Exciting. thanks for your quick response - we all appreciate it


woo! UPS finally came through today! The Family/Collection is growing! lol

Time to play - thoughts/opinions coming soon.