Dash pro right side can't active alone?


i am windows phone user
if i just wear right side, it wont active and connect to my phone, i have to wear left side, let them connect to each other first, then connect to phone
But most time, i use dash pro only with right side, because left side i have to hear what other people say.

so, after connect to phone , i will take off left side.
And also, if i take off both side than leave them on desk, few second after, they will lost connection with phone, and if i want to make a phone call , i need to wear both of them again, and take off left side again.
is anyway that i can just active the right side when i take it from charger case?
For example, when i only wear right side, and it can detect and active alone


dont know why, right side can connect alone now, sometimes can, sometimes can’t.
and a issue just happened, right side is connecting to phone but can’t work with any function like volume until i take left side to pair with right side
another question, does ear buds connect to phone when it leave charger case? or it will connect to phone after i wear it?