Dash Pro. Right bud slightly louder than left. Anyone else experiencing this?


It’s all in the subject. I’ve experienced this on several Bragi Dash Pros and the Dash Pro Starkey Edition that I have now.



Hmmm… Checked your hearing lately?


Hearing is actually slightly stronger in my left ear than my right :slight_smile:


No - I have not noticed any difference between l/r volume levels in the buds.


Hi Carlos,

Thanks for reaching out! This shouldn’t be the case at all.

Maybe try to reset it, see if there’s any dirt and let me know how it works!

Your Team Bragi


I think it’s a bug with the new Apple Bluetooth chips. I downgraded to an iPhone SE and it does not exhibit this behavior. The SE also uses a Murata chip instead of an Apple one.

@Kristian: I’ve reset tons of times, I’m afraid, and the issue persists after replacements.