Dash Pro respiration rate


Can someone that owns the dash pro do a resting breathing test where they use the swimming activity while resting they count their breaths while it’s recording breaths and check if the breaths recorded matched the breaths they counted?


I’ve never swam with my dash but I have experimented with the swimming setting and breaths before. The conclusion I arrived at is that they don’t actually count breaths… They count a head turn that you would do to TAKE a breath while. Swimming.

Can anyone else corroborate this by any chance or indeed please refute if I’m wrong in this.

OP: I don’t have my dash anymore & waiting on my pro so can’t try this again.


Considering it uses Dual pulse oxiometer sensors I thought it could measure oxygen and use that to measure breaths but if what you are saying is true it uses the accelerometer or something for the breaths.
If it can measure oxygen it could also be used when resting to measure respiration rate when someone is relaxing.


This could be a good question for @dean to offer some insight on. DEAN can you assist in confirming how the dash goes about measuring number of breaths while swimming?


It doesn’t seem to work very well resting or tilting my head, I just tried it out and it got inconsistent readings. It actually went from 8 to 6 then back up to 9 and so on going back and forth… very strange