Dash pro payment


Hello all, I want to know if you have problem when ordering the dash pro online with credit cards? Do not know why today I tried three credit cards but still could not success.


Hi Wei1982.

I ordered on the 3rd of June with a mastercard series creditcard and the checkout process worked out fine. The company do not charge the card until the unit ships and I’m still waiting on this.


Hi @WEI1982

had the same issues when trying to check out on my Pro order.
Waited for some hours and it did work. May be an update.

Hans Christian


They won’t charge until it ships. Just check your card after both times I purchased from Bragi I’ve had attempts and unauthorized purchases on my card. I don’t think they have a solid security system in place. Stands to reason being a start up company. Just be sure to keep checking your card purchases.