Dash Pro pauses randomly

When listening to music or audiobooks while walking (especially when my hair is open) the Dash pauses randomly, sometimes it also unpauses again but most of the time I basically I have walk with my phone in hand to start my music or audiobook again every time it pauses.
I already have touch lock on and all 4D controls off, basically ALL controls are off, but it still happens.
Don’t I know of some control that I might be doing unintentionally? Or is it normal that it just pauses all the time?
Sometimes I also feel like my hair touching the dash actually does touch actions but I usually turn on touch lock (through the app because I also have trouble starting it through the dash).
Just am really lost here…

Are you streaming your music/audio book ?

From the phone to the Dash? Yes.

That sound really strange! Can you please provide your email so our Support Team can contact you!

Kristian, Team Bragi

actually i meant from your service (i.e. Google Play, iHeartRadio, etc…) to the phone.

no everything I listen to is on my phone.

touch lock should have done it -

I know I have had similar problems whilst working in the yard and a hoodie sweatshirt hitting the buds - but setting touchlock on took care of that issue.

that’s what I was hoping for, but it seems like my fingers are locked but my hair isn’t :wink:
Something at least seems to still be able to do touches or I don’t know what it is, but I have it constantly. Sometimes it just pauses, and sometimes it turns audio transparency off (even though it is already off).
When it pauses I noticed today that there is also a sound with it. Different to when I pause it with a touch.

Hi Countess, Just curious if you were able to get a resolution to your issue. My Bragi Dash Pros started to exhibit this exact same issue after 6 months of use.

Thanks in advance!