Dash Pro - Let us know your thoughts


Hey All,

Let us know how you get on once your Dash Pro and Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey arrive! :slight_smile:


When are voucher being sent out ?


Hey Magiske, should be Mon/Tue!

Voucher for KS backers

Hi @Dean ! :slight_smile:

I only found out about Bragi when I saw it on the Amazon Launchpad page. Bought The Dash right away.

Could you please get me a voucher? I would like to order The Dash Pro tailored by Starkey.

Also, I am new on this platform. How do I communicate via Private Message on here?


So the original kickstarter backers are going to receive a voucher for $ off the new dash? When will we receive them and how much is it going to be reduced by if anyone knows already?


I am waiting for a voucher to buy a Dash Pro.
How long do I have to wait?


Sorry guys there was a bit of a delay on the vouchers, we should have them processed today. We appreciate the patience!


Thanks for the update Dean. We appreciate the gesture of the voucher in the first place so thanks for that too.

Any team feedback on the grouping of DOA units 4 of which have been reported in this forum around the same time. I was in a big rush to order but I’m worried we may have a bad batch to get through first :frowning:


Arrived and up and running as of last night! :+1:

Everything great so far. Bluetooth has not dropped out on me with my phone in any pocket, just like The Headphone.

Volume is nice and loud, don’t need to keep it at max like l had to with The original Dash prior to BOS 3.0

FitTips Pro in three different sizes was a good call by the team. The standard / medium size on Comply’s website were uncomfortable for me to wear after extended use, but the small size foam FitTips Pro are PERFECT. I hope we’ll be able to purchase spare tips in all three sizes soon.

Need more time to test (including again trying Bluetooth while walking around NYC this weekend) but so far very impressed! A much needed level up from the original Dash.


Yes lou, I’m glad you got your replacement pair and have had a positive initial experience. Bluetooth first impressions are good then!! I k own it wasn’t walking around NY but was your initial test outdoor at all or all indoor so far?

Thanks man. I ordered my pair Saturday!


Initial test was both. Walked around my house last night and took my normal morning walk today. Both I had no issues with Bluetooth :+1:


:heart_eyes: oh man- I’m really happy to hear.


Do you use the Fit sleeves with the Fit Tips?
I like the Comply tips that came with my Headphones, so I cut of the tips of the Fit sleeves on my Dash and installed the Comply tips.


I use FitTips Pro only as with the small size I get a great seal and the Dash Pro sits flush within my ears without sticking out much at all.


Lou, did you consider the Starkey model?


So finally was (and still) am in NYC today and finally put the Dash Pro to the test here, and hallelujah the Bluetooth stood up to it all.

Whether walking the touristy sections of ground zero/Freedom Tower, or having a leisurely stroll throughout Greenwich Village the Bluetooth signal NEVER dropped out on me no matter what pocket I left it in.

That coupled with the audio Transparency / SuperHearing option layered on top was the perfect listening experience for me. Nice and loud, lots of bass due to a good seal from the FitTips Pro, and still aware of outside sounds, with the ability to turn off the outside with just a swipe.

My dream ear buds. Finally.


I’ve had my Dash Pro by Starkey for a couple weeks now. I’ve had the original Dash Since the first Pre-orders after the Kickstarter. The Original Dash had it’s problems that up to the last updates pretty much sorted out. Bluetooth connectivity is still a bit spotty but they mostly work. The problem I had with the original Dash that the Starkey version solved was the fit. I kept loosing connectivity between the left and right Dash because the sensor would come out of contact with the inside of my ear. I tried different sleeves even using different sizes in each ear as your ears are not necessarily the same size inside. I never got a good fit with the original dash. NOW… The new Dash Pro by Starkey with all of the new updates is a completely different product. Obviously the fit is perfect, so the rest is all about how the Dash Pro sounds, and it’s functionality. First they sound great, because of the snug fit they block out a lot of outside noise. Transparency mode takes on a whole new meaning. At low volume the lows are rich and the highs are neat and crisp. I’m very happy moving on from the original Dash. Paring seems to work much better but Bluetooth still exhibits some inconsistency. It will drop connections sporadically. Doesn’t happen often, but enough to remind you of the growing pains with the original Dash. I would definitely make the purchase again. The sound by itself is enough to warrant an upgrade. I’m a serial early adopter, so I understand 1.0 products and they all have their issues. The Dash Pro is refined and a great product. The Dash Pro by Starkey makes them as good as they can be.



Best buy contacted me that the Dash Pro came in. Went today to pick them up. Amazing product. 4d menu works well. Very impressed with audio transparency. Went through squaretrade to purchase an extended warranty.