Dash Pro difficulty connecting to Bragi App on Android


I have a Bragi Pro… updated to latest firmware (3.2) and I have a Samsung Galaxy 9

Many times when I try to launch the Bragi app it attempts to connect to my Bragi Pros … But just sits there spinning… And never connects.

Is there something I can do to improve the connection issues?

The buds connect to the phone fine and can play music through it just fine


I’ve noticed that if I go into the Bragi App… Then settings … Then at the bottom I disconnect from the app.

Then force stop the app from the battery settings.

Then reopen the app. Connect to new device.

This seems to get it going… One time.

I am finding that I have to do this Everytime to get it to connect .


Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out!

One from our Support Team will contact you as soon as possible, using the email that we already have in the system :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’ve changed email in the meantime, since the previous ticket.




I have exactly the same issue. Bragi app can’t connect, audio connects just fine. The issue is random. Sometimes when Bragi App is working in background, most of the time when it isn’t. Solution for me is to turn off and then back on the bluetooth on the phone then reconnect from bluetooth settings.

S8+ here…



I have the same issue as well.
The dash Pro can connect to phone App but when try to sync activity, it hang there and crash.
Playing music is working normally. only cannot sync with App
Now my activity review only update to Sep. 5th.
Firmware updated to 3.2 not helping.
I’m using Iphone 5.


@salex83 and @Max_Chen, thanks for reaching out!

On order for me to check if you’e received any feedback from our Support Team, I would kindly ask you to provide the Case ID :slight_smile:

It’s easier for me to troubleshoot then and allocate the issue.