Dash Pro dead on arrival?


My Dash Pro arrived yesterday. When I start the charging process, it seems only the left side of the Dash starts to breathe. The right side refuses to glow at all. When I try plugging the charger into a Mac or PC, they both say that not enough power is being supplied to the device. Is there something I am doing wrong or did I get a faulty device?

Edit: The right dash glows if I pull it from the charger for a few seconds. But other than that, it remains unresponsive.

Updating my status for everyone so far:
5/30 9:10PM EDT - Ticket created.
5/31 5:41PM EDT - Got a response asking for photos of the pins on my charger and a request to try a different USB cable. Replied to them at 6:20PM.
6/1 1:55PM EDT - Another response from them. This time was asked to try a recovery update. Same issue as before. PC/Mac wont recognize the device. Replied back at 6:32PM.
6/2 2:33PM EDT - Got a reply saying that it’s still being investigated. Will have to wait until Tuesday to hear more since it’s a holiday.
6/6 12:04PM EDT - Will have to do a return for the defective ones. Waiting for more instructions from them.
6/7 8:19AM EDT - UPS shipping label sent to me.
6/12 9:30AM EDT - UPS delivered. Waiting on a replacement now.
6/21 - Replacement arrived. Contains the original dash contents that I sent in but in working condition.

Dash Pro: Shipping Anticipation!

Uh oh. Was hoping mine was the only one. Was waiting to hear back from support before posting…

But yes mine is doing the exact same thing. Arrived yesterday and only the left dash breathes. Right only glows for one or two seconds then never breathes.

Support chat suggested to do a rapid update but I also get the “not enough power” errors on any computer I try so rapid update is not an option.

Put in a support ticket late last night so hoping someone gets back to me soon!

PS just to make sure it’s not a charger issue I put the Dash Pro into my original dash charger and the same thing happens to the right dash. Have had it charging non stop the last six hours too still no change. Resetting the charger / shipping mode also doesn’t help… :sob:


Same exact issue for me. Also received mine yesterday. Sounds like it’s a bad batch. I tried refreshing, resetting and shipping mode with the charger. I was also not able to do a rapid update.

Support has not gotten back to me. This is a real bummer…


Wow this is a cooler…just wanted to order the pros but decided to check in on the thoughts of the bragi community first…now i am going to wait until this gets fixed and stick to my dashs


Terrible news. I just ordered mine to replace my Dash and spoke to a chat rep to cancel. I didn’t want to wait 14-21 business days for shipment and now this :(. The chat rep tells me they’d “try” to cancel the order. UGH!


I really feel for you guys. This is awful. I have been waiting anxiously for the kickstarter vouchers to order… This doesn’t bode well :frowning:


Just received my Dash Pro about 4 hour ago, I’m having the exact same issues as everyone else.


Hey Guys,

Really sorry to hear some of you are having issues. We are investigating the reports and I will update you as soon as I can. For now it would be best to create support tickets if you have not done so already and our customer care team will troubleshoot and replace if required.


Will keep my top post updated as I hear back from them. I am excited still to try one of these on! :slight_smile:


much appreciated MCheng89. God speed!


Update also : heard back from support team about 3 times yesterday. Still trying to figure things out.


Same issues here, right one won’t breathe, laptop doesn’t seem to supply enough power to charge or update. Managed to find a way to charge, but can’t update. Hoping for a solution that doesn’t involve a return…


Hey Guys,

Thanks for your patience, you will all be contacted individually today in order to resolve the issue. Apologies again for the inconvenience.


Just got a voicemail. Replacement is getting shipped out early next week.


Oh nice! :slight_smile:

Got a reply for my ticket saying that I will hear back on Tuesday with a resolution. The status is still being investigated. Still waiting on my resolution.


Also got an unexpected phone call from Bragi this morning :+1: no less than 30 minutes later got a notification from UPS in my email of a forthcoming package from them.

Now that’s customer service done right!

Thanks Team!


That’s awesome you’re turnaround was so fast. Sucks mine isn’t getting shipped untill Tuesday considering I’m going on vacation Wednesday…oh well.


Amazing. I wonder if now it’s a known issue units can be screened before going out for this issue. I’d love to order right now with my new voucher


Hey Bane,

We identified the issue, it was a very small amount of units which we are directly replacing. No unit will be shipped with the issue so feel free to order :slight_smile:

Thanks again everyone and sorry to those who have the inconvenience of having to wait a bit longer. We want you to experience The Dash Pro as soon as possible!


Thanks for the reply Dean. This is great news. I just have to get over the credit card only hurdle in your online store now!