Dash pro by starkey


Hello everyone. I currently own the dash, head phone and the starkey version recently for about a week. We all know the ups and downs with the dash so ill jump into the dash pro by starkey. The Bluetooth connection is solid even in the right pocket anywhere I went. I put the phone in my left pocket and it cut out a few times which is normal since the feed comes from the right bud and send it to the left bud. I live in New York and going outside with the regular dash was a headache with the drop outs to the point I had to hold my phone in my hand. I talked on the phone with tbd starkey version and purple said they could hear me clearly and vice versa. Now since the starkey is fitted for your ear you do not get fit sleeves. I noticed that the sound on my regular dash was louder than my starkey version until I pushed it more into my ear. The head gesture to skip a song to me worked better on my dash instead of starkey. When I received my dash only my ear phones were engraved and not my case. I noticed that the name that you order with is the name they use for that engraving as that is why they do not ask you when you go for molding. My caae was not engraved either as is is supposed to be. I recently sent my dash by starkey back because the piece at the top of my dash that goes into my ear felt like it was stretching my ear and hurt for long use out even it was in. I went to my audiologist and she marked them in the area I felt pain but did not do remolding. I sent mind back two days ago and waiting for them to return.overall I love my dash by starkey and it’s well worth the money. Recommend them to anyone. I do not have an iPhone so I cannot try the itranslate. One thing to me that Bragg Need to fix is that you only get a month the audiologist place said to get re molded.this is a killer because you get fitted and have to have an appointment and then it has yo be sent to bragi and then sent back out. By the time you get the headphones your month is done so you can only really exchange once depending on how fast they reship which is not right



Thanks a lot for sharing. So you were getting drop outs with the phone in your left pocket still. Interesting to know. What kind of a phone do you have out of curiosity (I know you said it wasn’t an iPhone)


Yes I was getting drop outs on certain areas within the city while the phone was in they left pocket. I also notice that depending on what type of jeans in thickness you have in effects it as well even in the regular dash. Overall though the connection is fixed and is really good so don’t get discouraged. I have a galaxy s7 edge.If there are any questions feel free to ask


I often thought I was mad suggesting that my bt connection on dash varied based on my trousers haha. Glad it’s not just me.

Thanks. I’m on the galaxy note 4 currently. Well, let’s say phone is in right pocket. Can you turn your head fully left and right looking over your shoulder, like when crossing the road, without stutters?


Yes you can do just about anything with it in your right pocket with no cut outs. I did not experience any cut outs in the right pocket. I want to test if I have it in a book bag and test the connection. What u did do was had my phone in my room and walked about thirty feet to another room before I started to get cut out.