Dash for an augmented viewing experience


I’ve had an idea recently, a musing really, about using the dash to augment a viewing experience of a video using the transparency feature. The idea would be to take a short video source such as a film trailer and pick out some key sound effects or ambient noises in it. Creating an audio track either including them or layering in a similar complimentary sound into the audio track.

• Helicopter rotor in the trailer gets copied into the audio only track, maybe even with a left to right Pan!
• Rain in a scene, gets added to the audio track.
• Horror trailer or tense trailer with a heartbeat in the background? Add to the audio track etc…
• Horror trailer with jump scares or disembodied whispering voices? Add them into the audio track perhaps left only, then right only, stereo etc…

You get the idea. So all of this would be timed to the relevant moments in the video so a 2 minute trailer would have 2 minutes of an audio track loaded into the dash onboard storage. With transparency turned ON, you que the trailer and press play at the same time, so you can hear the trailer source through the transparency but every once in a while you get the added sound effects or elements directly in ear- so hearing the helicopter on the trailer as it slowly builds and plays on the dash simultaneously and does the left to right pan ear to ear as the helicopter flies out of shot etc…

No practicality here! Just something that came to mind one day I was cycling with dash transparency on and a song I was listening too had a silent section at the end except a rain storm and thunder and it sounded amazing! I actually looked up to check if it was raining :blush:


Awesome Bane! We appreciate all the relevant and great contribution from your side - Really valuable for us.

Will show it to our team!