Dash/DashPro standalone features


Hi, I am thinking of getting the Dash Pro however out of the list of features advertised on the Dash/DashPro which of them are available without bluetooth connection to a phone?

Besides the internal storage 4gb music playboack; for example, am I able to access Alexa without my phone or use the 4D context menu?

Thank you!!


Hi there.

You’ll need a smartphone connected for Alexa access however the 4d menu is available to navigate either connected or stand alone. In face, in stand alone mode you can actually use one more head gesture than you can when streaming. You can shake your head to skip a track within the first 15 seconds of a song on the stand alone player which isn’t a feature when streaming.

You can track a run or cycle of swim in stand alone mode too and I think this syncs with the app when you next connect, it just wouldn’t measure speed or distance without the GPS on the phone.

Hope this helps!


Thanks bane. That helps especially with the additional shake head to skip track feature which could easily be missed.

Just to clarify, can the bragi detect heart rate and do so in standalone mode. Also, while it tracks the run/swim/cycle in standalone is it able to give some kind of status update then or is the GPS on phone mentioned definitely necessary for this? Thank you!


Welcome. Just remember the shake head to skip track feature in stand alone mode only works in the first 15 seconds of the track. I didn’t realise this initially and thought it was a bug haha.

On stand alone you’ll still get a heartrate reading and every 5 or ten mins you’ll get your update of time, steps taken and average heartrate.

The record of your workout when you connect to the phone again won’t include distance or estimated speed which relies on you being connected to phone & starting the activity tracking from the handset :smiley: