Dash audio disconnecting from phone


For the past five days, once I put my Dash Pros in my ears, the voice comes across saying the audio is connected, then about thirty seconds later it will tell me audio is disconnected. About a minute later it will tell me it’s connected. The odd thing is I have music streaming from my phone while it’s telling me audio is disconnected. There is no studded or drop in the music streaming thru the Dash. Anyone have this happen to them?


Not much help but Mav but I can at least confirm I haven’t ever had this issue, but equally I haven’t heard of this as an issue over my years here.

Can I assume that you’ve done a soft reset through the case and then if required a reinstall of the OS ?



I have not done a soft reset. What is the procedure? I’ve looked, but I didn’t see instructions.



To soft reset the device get both L and R into the charger, ensure they are breathing.

Then take a paper clip and hit the reset button for 5 seconds. Basically, hold it in until you see the charged LED on the charger flash red. It’ll just take a few seconds for the units to breath again and that’s the reset complete.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you !



Did it work @Mavric78?

Thanks once again for the contribution, @BANE!

We appreciate it.

/ Kristian


Tried all the suggestions but no luck. I still get the message that audio is disconnecting even though music is playing. Yesterday, I got the audio disconnected message 30 minutes into listening to music. It’s really becoming annoying everytime I put the Dash Pros in my ears.


I figured out the problem. The issue was an app I installed that measures how much battery is left in the Bluetooth devices paired with the phone. Once I uninstalled the app, the issue went away as well. I can only figure that the app was interfering with the Bluetooth connection when it was measuring how much battery the Dash had.


Oh excellent to get to a solution Mav!! Out of curiosity, what was the name of the app that was causing the issue so we can all avoid.



The name of the app is BatON. I have a Note 8, so it is an Android app. It measures the battery level of any Bluetooth device paired with your phone. Since that option is not available yet in Android, (will be once Oreo 8.1 update is released to the phone) I was looking for another option to check battery levels when I’m using my Dash Pros. The app works but I think when it was checking the status of the battery level, it was interfering with the audio connectivity.