Choose bluetooth audio device from the app


I’m switching between my computer and phone all the time - and the touch interface is not great - switching from the app would be much easier for me.
In addition - seeing which device the dash is connected too could help a lot!
One more thing - when the dash connects to a device - can it say the name of the device? “I am now connected to macbook pro”



Strikes me as a Bluetooth limitation. It only connects one pair of devices at a time so a handoff is not really feasible.

If each copy of the app was updated with the history of connections, the app could possibly tell the app what to look for but it will scan for any open connections and it’s really the Bluetooth at the device and not Dash and that manages the connection. The phone app isn’t aware of what other devices are available since it is a single point to point protocol that is occupied while connected to the Dash. It doesn’t know whether the computer is in range, has Bluetooth turned on or whether the computer Bluetooth is already occupied with another speaker, headset ot other device.

If you use a telephone call as an analog to Bluetooth, if I’m talking to you, I can’t pass you on to my brother. You have to call him or vice versa after we hang up. Bluetooth doesn’t have party lines; you can’t connect your phone to two differenr headsets at the same time.


Thanks for the feedback! It’s much appreciated, and be sure that we’re evaluating all the great ideas that you come up with.

Make it a great day :slight_smile: