Chargers and Appearance


Are the Dash and Dash Pro chargers interchangeable with each of the headphones? In other words can you charge the Dash in the Dash Pro charger and vice versa? Are there any other design and/or aesthetic changes to the Dash Pro from the original Dash design?


They say not with the dash and dash pro, although they looks identical to me. Not sure with the Starkey tho


Any idea about interchanging chargers?


That’s what I was talking about, the chargers are not interchangeable according to bragi. I should have clarified that a little better I guess


does anyone have an idea when they will be selling the individual chargers for the pro separately?


I asked a month ago and they said not yet but will be shortly. They also said they would have the replacement fit tip pros on the site too and still nothing yet. I don’t like the comply foam tips I bought as much as the ones that came with the dash pro. The original ones hold up good, the comply foam ones only lasted a few weeks