Charger broken, replacement not available in shop


Hey there
When is the charger available for sale again?
I’ve damaged mine and wanted to buy a replacement for it, but it’s not available and I really want to use my dash again…


I hear that, I wanted to buy a spare so I could have extra charges but no go I guess


I’ve contacted the support several weeks ago and they just said I have to wait.
It’s not a big deal, but I really want to have an estimate about the waiting time.


Does anyone have a replacement for sale eventually?


Can I ask: is the charger different for the Dash and Dash pro, or have they stopped selling the charger on the site by itself just?


Just incase anyone’s left earpiece stops working, The golden pins in the charger may have broken. the charging system in this set is the worst. Bragi will give you a big hassle if you contact them about this because their customer service is the worst. they are in Germany and will try to screw over U.S citizens anyway they can.


Really, dude?
Not been my experience.


Not been my experience at all!


Any new on how to replace charger? I can’t find a separate charger on website.


My dash charger is also broken contacted Bragi and still waiting to hear back


I had a broken gold pin on my charger earlier in the year, contacted Braggi support and sent a photo, they replaced the charger no problems. I’m in Australia, I think it took about a week to arrive. I thought they were excellent


They now have chargers for the pro as well as the foam tips available on their website.


Look’s like this may be headed towards a Class Action. I’m quite sure there are thousands of people with the same problem. Not able to receive any answers ANH when a replacement will be available for sale or any improvements on a defective charging case intentionally leaving your product useless for thousands of customers who were there from the start of your startup campaign. And who have Bragi / Bragged on your product with you need to stand behind