Can't update firmware - No firmware available


I bought a dash, waited for it to arrive, waited for it to charge, installed the Android Bragi app, and finally this morning, tried to use it. I got it fitted, paired it (what a lot of fiddling around), and then found that it needs a firmware update…

However, on connecting the charger to my PC and opening the shortcut, do I get a firmware update?


All I get is:


Is this firmware update that I need to use all the advertised functionality of the dash coming?

Or has this announcement splash inadvertently been applied to as well as

Whatever the reason, it needs to be fixed, fast. I didn’t pay all this money for just another set of Bluetooth earphones, even if they are wireless.

Bragi, get your act together! This unprofessional conduct isn’t making a good first impression at all!


Well, that’s because they’re just wrapping up the live announcements. Give it a few…


@erockg, unacceptable!

It isn’t that hard to separate the www and update subdomains so that the latter continues to work, and if the nature of the update is such that it requires all this time to install on the website - which as a developer, I don’t believe - then adding a “Temporary service outage, the update service will be available at xxx” message is trivial.

I believe that this is pure incompetence, and that the announcement splash wasn’t properly tested with all the site’s functionality before being brought live.


Hey Bragi’s working hard! Be nice to them, please!

Also, I just updated the iOS app to version 3.0.1 and it says that my software version is up to date when I check the software update section.

Kind regards,


I got the update page correctly, and am now running 3.0.1 on both my Dash and my iPhone. Plus, the time is now correct! :slight_smile:


Yes be nice to bragi they have been working hard on this update an I’m updating my bragi right now so take it easy


Agreed! Love my Bragi Dash. Using them now and couldn’t be happier.


So question is this update has everything that they just spoke about or we have to get the new dash


Everything but I’ll bet we’ll still have bt issues.


Hey josh do this update fix the Bluetooth connectivity


I really hope it fixes the issue because that was the main issue with everyone else bragi


Completely agree with you, but I’m betting it’s a hardware issue - weak bt signal - something that’s not easily fixed with a software update. But, I truly hope I’m wrong.


sck_nogas: What update URL did you use?


I just received mine yesterday and couldn’t be happier with it, my main gripe was the 2.x volume was too low at max, even with comply tips that I ordered, just updated to 3.0.1 and its a definite improvement, alot has been made of weak BT signal, and tbh I haven’t had issues with it. maybe I’m just lucky.



@Jorgelgonzalezsr, I’d have accepted a “Please wait while we update things” message, but to a new user, what I got - nothing, with no reasonable explanation - was seriously discouraging.


I had to clear my cookies! (Oh noes!)


Is the translate function only available in the dash pro?


@Josh, clearing cookies did the trick.


dash and dash pro it needs the itranslate app