Can't rename/personalize your Dash in 3.0 anymore?


Oh no, so we can’t rename our Dash like before? The name in my bluetooth menu after the update on my iPhone 6s plus is Dash67. Before the update i was able to rename it Jon’s Bragi Dash. Guess we can’t anymore. :confused:


Thats funny I dash is now dash 26x I don’t get it


Mine is 01x and also do u guys hv battery problem?


I was successful re-naming my Dash thru the Bluetooth menu on my Samsung Galaxy S8.


My Dash is now known as Josh’s Dash on the right (which is what it was originally named) and The Dash 95X on the left side. The release notes say that it is by design that the left side have the X on it, but it seems odd that the left and right have different names.


This was a caching issue in my phone’s OS, which was remembering the previous name of my Dash. After un-pairing and then re-pairing the Dash the new name was then indicated in my phone.


Noticed the same strange glitch as well. Kinda weird that that little feature would be discontinued as it was quite helpful.