Can't connect The Dash to phone or update them HELP


Got the Dash yesterday and I’m unable to update them as its in a endless “Looking for update…”. When buds are in my ear I can’t connect they to my phone, I noticed that the PwrMode=0 it this correct??
Thanks In Advanced


mmm… I can’t comment on the Power mode assignation but if it’s looking and failing to find an update you may want to try a recovery update where you load each dash unit with it’s own firmware file manually. Instructions can be found on the site for a recovery update.


Great advice, they are now updated to B3.2.0, but still when I place then in my ear I don’t hear a sound and they won’t connect to my phone, Thanks for your help.


very welcome. mmm… so no sound at all? did you get an audio feedback telling you the update was successful after you did the rapid update?

I’m sure you’ve reseated them in the charger and allowed them to ‘sync’ or breath together then tried them back in your ears?> sometimes that is a requirement


Yes tried it numerous of times, but they won’t make a sound at all. Are they dead??? They sync, charge to full blue led, updated but just won’t make a sound.

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ohhhh lorddddd hope this can get fixed in the future, a lot of consumers are having the same problem.


Yeah that sounds weird MDowling1. After an update (either successful OR failed) when you put them in your ears they should ‘DING’ and announce if the update was a failure or a success.

Syncing and breathing in sync, charging to blue etc does sound good. Can I recommend putting them in the case and performing a reset? paperclip in the reset hold untilt he red light flashs like 3 or 5 times or something.


I tried the reset, rapid update and putting music directly on the dash, but it fails to make any sound in my ear.


Darn… ok, I’m afraid I’m fresh out of ideas then. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help


Thanks for the help @BANE!

Did you try to contact the Support Team yet? They can go trough a troubleshoot with you in order to find a solution on the issue.

You can reach them here: :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Kristian - Team Bragi