Can We Please Get Some Better Tips For The Dash


Your product is truly a technological wonder, but the tinny sound is truly maddening. I have tried your original tips, then upgraded to the Comply tips, but there is literally ZERO bass response. I put a pair of Monster silicone tips on my Dash and - bingo! - I had the BEST sound I have ever heard out of The Dash. But the Monster tips are too big for the charger, and the sound hole is too big to stay on The Dash.

Please, Please, Please come up with a better solution. Your product is far too high-end to suffer from such an easily-solvable problem.


Can I recommend using a slender sausage of Sugru under the silicone flange and then inserting it into your ear to get a custom mould to your canal entry then allow it to cure. I’ve done this with mine and it’s fantastic!


Interesting hack. Though I think the proper-sized silicone tips would be a little more utilitarian (not to mention you wouldn’t risk gluing them permanently in your ear canal :slight_smile:


Everyone’s ears are different and I’ve actually always had a pretty good seal with normal tips and even better with the new pro foam tips, but they degrade quickly especially if I wear them in the shower.

Sugru isn’t glue as such. It’s just like a softer blutac and there is zero risk of glueing your ear canal. You use so little it gets pushed down by the silicone flap, but also it remains workable for 30 mins before it even starts to cure in air. Even then they recommend 24 hours before it’s fully set. No danger and just makes what is already good…even better!


I was kidding about gluing your ears… :wink:


So you’ve abandoned both foam tips?
My Bragi tips work well while running, but when I’m doing work around the yard and turn my head, I briefly lose the good seal.
Does the Sugru harden under the silicone flaps, conforming to your ear and then stay glued to the inside of the flap? Do you no longer have a “compressible” fit?


Well, my large foam tips have come off the rubber ring and are now done for. I was using the mediums but correct, I’ve switched to a full skin with the sugru set under the flap and it is now set confirming to the shape of the entry to my canal. It’s not exactly rock hard, but it’s incompressible so the moulding itself only happens when you first insert them while the material is pliable. Then it must be left to cure/harden

I’ve noticed that turning me head far, smiling big etc… No longer break seal at all. I’m having a positive experience with the sugru addition :slight_smile:


Good to know.
I’ve ordered some Sugru.
I may need to buy some more sleeves. I think I’ve cut the silicone ends off all the ones I have to add the foam tips.
How long does it need to set in your ear?


Mate I did the exact same thing. Luckily my brother owns the dash pro too. He wears large sleeves and I wear medium so we traded each other the pair we don’t use for the size we do . I used the new, intact skins, to mould.

Sits in your ear for only a few seconds before you take out… But they will be out of action for 24 hours according to the instructions for drying.


I still have some colored sleeves from the Kickstarter campaign, so I’ll start with those, even though I prefer the black sleeves. The shipping on a new set of sleeves is the same as the price of the sleeves. ouch!

Any issue with keeping the Dash in your ears as the sugru cures?


Oh snap! Yes that’s bound to be a bit rich alright.

No, once you insert them for a few seconds to take your shape, you take them out gently and they cure in the open air so the only issue is you can’t use them for about 24 hours they recommend.


Thanks for sharing the suggestions once again @BANE.

We’re working on improving every day, and all of your feedback will be forwarded to our Development Team so we can improve future updates and releases.

Cheers, make it a great day!


Amazon Link

I have used these as excellent replacement tips, but there is a caveat: they are a shade too long to stay on the buds in the case. I have had some success trimming the inside tube on them with a razor blade, but that sometimes results in the tip coming off (the retention notch is gone) in my ear–suboptimal. Comply tips are expensive garbage. Get them even a little wet and they turn into goo. What would be great is a version of the linked tips made to fit inside the charging case.

Side note: I tried the Sugru recommendation and it worked for 1 of my ears, but not the other… I’m guessing my sausage was not big enough (heh) for the offending ear.