Can I Turn On/Off Bragi Dash Pro?



I’m a Bragi Dash Pro user - suppose I don’t have Bragi charger with myself, which is the best way to preserve my Bragi earphone’s battery?

It seems Bragi tries to find & sync any Bluetooth devices nearby all day long, even if I don’t put it in my ears, which causes its battery dies so fast & unintentionally.

So when I don’t listen to music and don’t have the charger, I turn off every Bluetooth devices nearby me and keep earphones apart, which is troublesome.

I do wish I could manually turn on/off Bragi manually :frowning:
Any idea?


I think if you disconnect Bluetooth (not unpairing) in the Bluetooth setting from your source it should save battery. Still to be able to wake up the Dashies they need to be stand-by as you place them in your ears to start working again. I do not know if it is okay to keep them together or better to have them separated (larger distance than ear to ear).



Thanks for reaching out! The Dash Pro will not search for new Bluetooth Devices, as long as you have them in your bag / pocket etc. Once you put it in the ears, and enables the search function, The Dash Pro will look for new devices.

Another suggestion is to put them in The Charger, and use the Shipping Mode for saving battery.