Can I send my Dash somewhere to be fixed?


My left dash does not mount so I can’t update it and nothing happens anymore when I put the Dash in my ears. I’ve been through all the fixes, nothing works. Is there somewhere I can send them to be fixed? Would love to get them working again. It seems a shame to just throw them away…

Thanks, Anthony

No. If it’s still under warranty contact E-use support and see if they can replace

Nope, not under warranty. Seems crazy that these can’t be sent back for repair, or at least recycling. Is there no plan in place for that with the new company?

To my knowledge units were never repaired even under Bragi hardware. I think they always just replaced them.

E-use will be honouring defective devices in warrenty but not sure about out of warranty. Honestly I’d go to their site and log a support request anyway and see how you get on. It’d be criminal if nothing could be done

My unit is now 18 months old and just out of warranty. The bluetooth connection has NEVER worked!!! They were a gift for my wife who is not very tech savvy. By the time I had time to try and see what was going on it was too late. After multiple attempts re-setting and downloading software the unit on paper should we working but they will not respond when you put them in your ears and they will not connect via bluetooth.
I have spoken to tech support multiple times but the only answer they have is to re-set and update software which has been done. As they now out of warranty there is absolutely ZERO recourse!
I am extremely frustrated with this purchase and highly recommend that anyone willing to spend this amount of money on ear phones should look elsewhere…

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That’s a horrible situation B787. I’m sorry. Yes, the hardware reliability has revealed itself to be poor for a lot of people. Is there any support email which originated BEFORE The warranty expired? even just a first base touch with support to say there was an issue of some sort that you could interpret as your first claim?