Buy one specific FitTips size only?


Is it possible to buy a bunch (like 5 pairs) of FitTips Large only?
Normally a kit that is included when buying the Dash-units needs to be different in size so a new owner can get the right fit. But buying extra kits with different sizes you only need one of them. Then it will be a very expensive pair as the other sizes are of no use…


That would be nice- however I do not think it is currently an option - nor is it an option to buy any FitTips separately

you might have some luck looking on Amazon for tips.


You can buy the FitTips (with three different sizes) at Bragi shop:


It’s not possible to purchase a bunch of FitTips Large at the moment. I’ve forwarded it to our team, mentioning your great input :slight_smile:

Let us know if there is anything else.

Kristian - Team Bragi


Thanks for correcting me on that - I was misinformed.


I hope you will add this soon as a product in the store. One of my tips is broken.
Can’t use Small or Medium without the bass dies.


Please contact our support team at - They can help you with this! :slight_smile: