Broken pin on charging case

A pin broke off from the right charging port. I can see it clinging to the magnet in the case. I bought this over 2 years ago… and shortly after 2 more as gifts. The earbuds worked great but now I cannot charge the right(main) one. What are my options?


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for reaching out. We’re sorry to see that your Charger is broken.

You’re unfortunately out of warranty, but we would really like to help you solve this. Once there’s spare parts in stock, we’ll reach out to you directly :slight_smile:

Can you send me a direct message here?


Afternoon Kristian,

Apologies for reaching out to you randomly.

I found this post and I am having the same issue of the broken pin

What solutions are available?

Unfortunately I am unable to locate my original proof of purchase and additionally the store website is completely out of stock of the replacement case



Thanks for reaching out here!

The only solution available for you at the moment is to wait for the acquirer to restock spareparts again :slight_smile:

The acquirer will continue producing The Dash Pro and The Headphone independently from us. We will make sure to give them all the support to ensure a smooth transition of our product line.

I’ll let you know once we have any updates :slight_smile:

Make it a great day,
Kristian - Team Bragi

Thanks for the information! It is great news that the Dash Pro will be continued!

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Kristian, I’m sure this is info that you won’t have but we can but ask. Do you know if the new acquirer will be using the same manufacturing process or changing/adapting it or just taking over the current process. It’s a shame that the forum has essentially become a fault vault only but it does highlight that a lot of people are experiencing failing hardware, DOA units and failures.

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Hi Bane,

Do you mean the same process of building The Charger / The Dash Pro or?

As you’re mentioning the information is very little at the moment, but I’ll reach out to my colleagues in order to see if there’s any news that we can tell within the forum.

Thanks for the interest once again!

hi Kristian.

primarily of building the Dash pro units themselves but I guess the case too since so many people seem to have issues with pin failure



Like many others I too experienced this problem , finding a hack by using a small piece of a staple inserted into the hole where the pin fell out , imperfect but works sometimes . The same fault has now happened to the other side of the charger Bragi needs to solve this problem a great product with a dumb fault. BTW I wasnt covered as they had been gifted to me by a friend who had no payment records ,
Alas I now use my apply airbuds mostly


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Very same problem with the very same pin. Should I get a replacement case or go with :apple: air buds. I love my Bragi’s but seems to be a common issue Some feedback would be great.

I don’t think you could buy a case even if you wanted to. The store hasn’t been selling for a long time now… If I’m wrong someone please correct me!

I am having the same problem. The pin on the left of my charging case is broken. Is there any way this can be fixed?

Any resolution to this yet? I have the same exact problem with no fix from “customer support.” I have to wait for the 3rd party acquisition to fix the problem? How long? Thought about buying a refurbished unit from a 3rd party, but how many times will this continue to happen? I loved the dash and raved about them to my friends, but at this point it may be worth looking stupid with things dangling out of my ears and switching to AirPods…

I genuinely don’t think the 3rd party company will offer repair for this. I don’t think Bragi ever repaired anything either. It’s either a replacement unit or you’ll have to buy a new one. One or the other. Seems like an issue a lot of people have had. Perhaps I’ve been lucky between my Dash 1.0 and Dash pro in that the pins seem to have been holding up ok on mine. Maybe a 3rd party 2nd had pair may still be an option for you.

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Facing the same problem. A pin broke off from the right charging port. The earpod clings to the magnet in the case but refuses to charge. Although i don’t have the purchase bill, I am sure my dash pro is within warranty. What are my options?

have a look at this:

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A pin broke off from the left charging port. Do you have a charging chase for sale?
I’ve only had my bargi dash pro for 3 months… and it’s very disappointing that this has happened!
Please help.