BROKEN PIN HOW TO FIX IT! Mine charges again!

Dear Bragi users, lovers, and not so much lovers when they leave you behind with a bad feeling

I have The Bragi dash pro. One earbud did not charge, After searching for this problem on the forum i found out too many people have an issue on a broken pin.
I repair watches for a hobby so i took my magnifier glasses :face_with_monocle: to have a closer look at the Bragi dash Pro charging case.

You see 5 pins. 2 are for charging. I found out underneath the pins there are springs.
Those are 2mm long and 0.4 mm thick
The pin was gone but the spring was still in the hole.

I took the spring out. Took a copper wire and peeled the plastic of . I used 3 copper wires from the copper wire. 1 mm long. folded them double and peeled them in the hole. To do this is only possible with magnifying glasses, a steady hand a pincet and the patience of a Heron waiting for a frog to pass by. (and some balls, but don’t worry it only can be better)

After fitting 3 double folded wires in the mini hole i dripped a couple of drops soldering tin in the hole. solering on 350degrees celcius.

I tried to do this in one holding my breath.

After soldering there was a huge drop ( compared to the other pins ) of tin on the 3 wires.

Now the trick was to make that drop even thick and high as the rest of the pins. I Used the most tiny veil on a electric mini grinder tool to model the drop of tin.

after a couple of grinding sessions it did’nt looked that bad…

Fingers crossed… put both my Bragi plugs in and both started to light up . YESSS i did it!
:innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I wondered why on earth do so many people have this problem.
In my humble opinion? Its the magnets. These are very strong. if you put them in the case they almost fly on the magnets while the click is too hard for these very small and fragile copper pins. copper is a soft material.

Other thoughts.

Maybe… i’m going to put a drop of tin on all the pins. That way they will not be able to sink down on the spring.

Kind regards from the Dutch guy

Eduard A Hoekstra ( Eddy )

Great job!!!

Yes the pins are very fragile and one should take great care when placing your buds into the case.
Softly …