Bragi "The Patch" - Ideas


Hey Team Bragi!

During our announcement of The Dash Pro, Nikolaj mentioned “The Patch” and opened up a discussion as to what this could be used for.

“Patch, a slim, palm-sized sensor module due later this year that, with the Pros, will form a “mesh computer” to collect, share and relay data”

We open up to the forum to see what people’s idea’s are and how this could be implemented in the future, let us know your wildest and wackiest ideas :slight_smile:


Need to know a bit more about it. What sensors does it have? Size and weight? What connectivity options does it have etc.


Unfortunately we cannot give out specifics and the project is still very much in concept.

A lot of how it ends up could be driven towards great ideas that people come up with. I will throw out an idea though!

Golfing - You have patches on different parts of your body that talk to the Dash and record your swings for either real time or post round analysis. Maybe the ball has a patch if we can factor in range. “Your ball is 20ft from the hole” etc etc!

I think there are many potential uses :slight_smile:


Hi Dean,

You can let me know if I’m not understanding properly but is there a possibility of them being placed on an ankle perhaps or around the foot to measure landing impact? Possibly a different function to what the patch does but figured I’d ask.


There are currently a ton of sensors that are placed on a tennis racket to help gauge swing speed etc. If a ‘Patch’ could be made small enough to not effect the swing weight of the racket it would be a great addition to the Dash for tracking tennis related ‘stuff’. I’m also a musician (singer to be specific) who uses custom molded IEMs. I would seriously love if there were a way to simulate a IEM wireless pack to be used with the Dash Pro by Starky (who BTW made my custom molded IEMS) to also double as wireless IEMs for the stage.


I have a pair of the original dashs and currently am planning to order the pro next month…hope the bluetooth imrovements are as significant as advertised

Personally, i’d like the patch to have another 4gb of storage and 4 playlists as i listen to audiobooks a lot and you can only put in 4-5 at the moment

Furthermore, i think the patch could improve the heart rate sensoring as well as the step counting which can be off sometimes

Those two pretty basic improvements for your dash/dash pro would be enough for me to buy one, but i know bragi is always aiming high :wink: looking forward to the patch


Use The Patch for collecting datas from sweat and use that data as reference for medical treatment?
Maybe cooperating with Watson?


It would be cool if you could leave the patch outside on a window sill or something, and then you could have the dash pro read you the weather conditions when you trigger the command, or on the hour, or something like that.


A wristband (or sticker type thing?) to precisely track exercises. Would be awesome to walk into the gym, never touch any device and walk out with a record of everything I did. Squats, bench press, pushups, etc + the number of sets and reps. (I believe this specificity in activity tracking is already being done by Google’s Android Wear 2.0 but personally I’d rather not wear my watch the the gym). Maybe use 4D menu to select the weight for exercises (or input later). This could be really popular if you create a community that drives competition between friends.


Would the data collection be strictly limited to the Dash owner or would it collect data for some other third party interested in using it for however a nefarious data collectors uses ill gotten data? Pardon the jump to the Big Brother state but in the current political climate here in the states _anything_is possible.:flushed:


The patch. Pff Just saw presentation again to know more About iT. For me as a runner I would like to have sensors on knees, shoulders, ankles and mid area. These movements could be analyzed then. Visualize my movement and maybe even advice my training techniques. Higher my knees to be more efficiënt, straighten my Back to get less pressure on my knees, train Back muscles, iT could even monitor and recognize If my energy gets to low and sees my technique is getting sloppy After 1 hour of running. So iT could advice me to stop or even drink or whatever. Add in that iT measures my heart rate, saturation (oxigen in blood) iT could strengthen me and make my training Awesome!!! All these analyzes could make a movement profile. Taking iT steps further iT could in future even recognize even more.

If patch could communicate with sensors I put in my daughters room when She is asleep I could get a signal If She is crying. Last week I was at my neighbours and She was at home in bed. Every 30 min I went home to check on her. That would be solved.

In my job I work with people with hearing problems and Some If They do not wear hearing aids or even when They do They cannot hear doorbell, know when someone is calling, smoke alarm is going off…to solve that problem They have to buy signal devices that sensor and notify them on a personal sensor or by flash that one of these things is going on. Here the patch combined with sensors would also be a solution.

In my work Some people have problems hearing people on a distance at school, seminars, at home, work conversation, theater and use wireless microphones to communicate with their hearing instruments to improve. Seeying dash pro also a patch with sensors/mics could help out here.

Analyze sound…this is still a fantasy / dream I wish that Will come and maybe this is an idea. In the hearing instruments industry people always wish They could here more in backnoise situations. With hearing instruments the problem always is…when do I need to stop expecting while in noise. A mic or sensor combined with a screen that could show…is there still voice recogniZed in this noise or not? This Will help people to know when to stop expecting or keep focussing. Or even get an advice to higher the noise cancellation and make the directional microphone beam smaller on their device. Making maybe visual Where voice is beeying monitored would be crazy.

Sensors on body, chest, head to monitor sleep. Movement. Restlessness, heartrate. This could be helpfull too. Give insight.


I would like the patch to be able to connect several dash in to a intercom solution.


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