BRAGI The Dash : is not working/connecting


Bought The Dash 2 months ago. Updated it to the latest BOS. But…

  1. I cant hear the beep when i plug the right Dash in my ear.
  2. Left and Right Dashes are not breathing in Sync. The right breathes correctly but not the left.
  3. The Dash is not being detected by my iPhone’s Bluetooth’s list. Simply saying, Connection to bluetooth isn’t happening.
  4. I tried resetting, rapid updating. nothing worked.

I am broke man!! Is there anyone who could help me right away?


Have you tried putting them into shipping mode then reactivating with your desktop? I can’t recall how long to push the reset button for to do this but check their site for ‘shipping mode’


@Bane : I did it…now my Right Dash works…Left is keeping quite. It doesn’t even breathe. it just blinks once when i remove it from the charger and place it back.


Ok. That’s unfortunate. Do they register as a drive when you connect via USB? Ie: when you tried the update using the launcher does it complete or does it fail?


Hi- Did you get a solution to your issue? Just received my brand new Dash and am having the exact same problems.


@ASodha, We’re sorry to hear that you’re having some issues with your brand new Dash.

Please send us an email to so we can solve this issue as soon as possible!



It seems to me I have the same problem but with a right one. Did you find a solution for this problem or my Bragi is dead?


Henry, have you tried our Customer Support yet?

They’re ready to help you!

Team Bragi


Yes, Kristian. I’ve tried to contact Customer Support and I’ve tried Recovery Update as they recommend, but it doesn’t help. I’ve sent a message about it yesterday and still waiting for the answer


Great to hear that you’ve been in contact with us!

Can you please provide your case ID so I can follow up personally?



Sure. My issue ID is 295614


Same issue here, anything you can share to help?


Have you been in contact with the Support Team? :slight_smile:


So far I am not able to pair my KS Dash to my Shanling MO. The way I understand it is, upon tapping search on the MO and placing the right earbud in my ear to turn on both and connect between earbuds, the pairing must happen immediately. My question is, does the Dash continue to search itself for a signal from my Shanling MO or immediately stop searching as soon as the earbuds themselves connect to each other? I would much prefer to use my Dash or even the Headphone, but pairing of either is not possible. Thank You.


Hey Bob.

I don’t think they pair immediately when you search on your phone and just insert the dash in your ear. I think you need to long press the right dash to make is discoverable first.


Thanks for your answer. I only thought that because I have never had to press either earbud. Everything has been connecting immediately after I place the right earbud in my ear.


Well, my KS Dash is paired with my Shanling MO. Now to figure out what button to push to pair my the Headphone.


Take a look here Bob!

‘‘To start pairing, hold the ‘‘O’’ for 3 sec until you see the right LED blinking and/or you hear the pairing-sound.’’


Thank You! Found the answer on your store website. Been so long since I had to use this feature as, wether my Dash is paired or not, they automatically pair and connect ad soon as I place the right earbud in my ear.


You’re Awesome Bob!

Keep on rocking it,