Bragi The Dash Doesn't Work


Hallo, my name is vicky from Indonesia.
Few days ago i bought bragi The Dash. It is sealed in the box, i think this is new from the seller. i have a problem with my bragi the dash, the product is not working, when i put in to my ears, i don’t hear any sound and the indicator doesn’t on. can all you help me for that problem??

p.s : before i try to use that, bragi the dash is fully charged.


Hey Vicky

Have you contacted already? have they reply to you ?

I am experiencing the same issue as you, I have a brand new Dash and I can’t get it to work at all. there is no sound when I put them on my ear, there is literally no response from it for now. they just breathe on the charger normally -but dont work after you take them out.

Have you tried updating to the latest update 3.2?

I have contacted bragi support im just waiting on a response from them hopefully this can get resolved


I’ve answered you in another thread as well!

Please send me a DM so we can solve it :slight_smile: