Bragi the dash DOA


Hello i brought the dash from usa best buy i waited with much existent for them to ride my bike but when the arrived I activeted them charged them i installed the update and when i plugged them in my ears nothing when i shake them nothing exept when they are in charging case they are not dooing nothing waste of time and money this is the only thing is working!!! I started talking with support case id 26846767 and i get only stupid answers and no results can some software engineer realy help me? I tried reset , update one dash and then the other , bough in the same time , delete the crashes from the logs file , etc etc etc i feel like nobody know their job and just asking me to make stupid things like i got them for free and im testing them. I wont sent them back to usa its taking to much from Romania ill be gone on a ship by then im and mechanical engineer so please tell me how i can send them to germany so they can be troubleshooted there.


Hello Micu,

Thanks for reaching out on the forum.

I can see that you’ve been in contact with our Support Team, and we’re looking forward to receiving your unit, so we can solve the issue as soon as possible :slight_smile:

Kristian - Team Bragi