Bragi Support when issues appear


Hi guys,

I see we are some people having issues and no answers provided.
Do you have better feedback opening a case with them ?

I wonder is support relies on a single person…

I am still in my 14 days return guaranty, and I am evaluating their support right now… (left dash pro malfunctioning).

Thanks for your feedback


**im not so sure anyone from Bragi is monitoring these threads. I’ve post several issues and requests with not a single response. I payed a lot for my Starkey edition, only to have a very inaccurate HR and three activities. My Bose SoundSport Pulse does a better job for a lot less money. Lol!!! My Apple Watch tracks my HR better and has a slew of activities and metrics. Don’t get me wrong. There’s a lot of potential with this device, just lack of communication on this forum and the support department. I get zero responses. At this point my Starkey edition is useless to me as an activity assistant. **


I agree the activity tracker part isn’t very useful at this point. Hopefully will get better and support more activities in future updates. They do reply to a few of the posts on here but it isn’t very consistent