Bragi sells off hardware business, will focus on licenses and software


Well, this is a bummer, but no surprise:

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well that is unfortunate - I still think the Dash Pro is one of the best earbuds out there offering a complete package and other wonderful advances that no other earbuds offer.

There is a reason I spent 300$ for these, of which I felt was worth it given everything you got.

Sad to know that after these wear out I will have to settle for something that does not deliver what I had.


What a bummer indeed. I wonder what this means for the seemingly large number of people who have issues and faults with their units at present? :frowning:

** EDIT**
“Bragi did not unveil who purchased the rights to its headphones products, but said Bragi customers who own Bragi devices will continue to be able to access support.”


Guessing they’ll try to help until they can’t. They’re so slow with honoring replacements anyway. Sad but true. My Dash Pro’s usually sit in a drawer these days. So many companies have passed them with sound quality, namely the Beoplay E8 2.0, the Senheiser TW Momentums even my Earin M-2’s are rock solid for my needs. I’ll still always love the fit of my Bragi’s though. It’s a sad day.

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Bragi fit is great for me too. I also love the combination of onboard storage as well as Bluetooth streaming. The 4D menu too is so useful for me. I still think they have some of the strongest features on the market. Such a shame…


Bragi’s April Fool joke on us. They might have said something here…


About time they came forward with this!


Wait… What!? Was this a joke?


I hope it’s an April fool’s joke – I’m so bummed out about this! But maybe even if it’s true then maybe the new owner of the hardware business will guide The Dash to an even brighter future! :pray:

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New buyers will have bought the legacy products as well I would imagine at the very least.


Random thought about this… I had the Skybuds a while back and they sold their headphone business too. Eventually their app was pulled from the App Store, rendering updates and features useless. That said, I’m seriously considering selling Dash Pro’s. Just a thought… Maybe it’ll never happen.


Same for me Bane - i love the 4D menu - no one else out in the market has anything close to that!

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for always being active and interested in helping our Brago Family here on Team Bragi.

You can read the full press release here - We’re really looking forward to telling you more details :slight_smile:



I was watching a review recently of the new Samsung Galaxy buds which aesthetically look like they may be the next closest thing I’d want in my ears after a Dash pro, but I then started to hear that you are limited as to the number of features you can actually control from the buds themselves and this is user accessible. Like, you can set a volume up and volume down feature, but if you wanted to launch google assistant from one, you’d need to disable one of those options and enable the assistant in the app! :astonished:

I also read that the audio transparency was pretty poor and takes 3 seconds to switch on. Still can’t remember if it works even when no music is playing. Both of these things alone would be quite poor. I love how I can operate the pro totally without taking my phone out of my pocket. One little gripe I have is having to take the left earbud out to break touch lock… when all we needed as an option on the 4D menu to switch touch lock off after it being enabled.

This then begs the question, will this third party company rebrand and continue the legacy with more units, licencing Bragi’s IP?

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God I hope so! There are so many features of the BDP that I use on a daily basis - going to another set of buds is taking many steps backwards

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I would love to see development and support continued by the company that is taking over the hardware side. Blackberry started in a similar fashion with hard and software but got out of proprietary hardware and more recently, pretty much focussed on software and recent hardware is b a company called Optiemus Infracom in the Indian market. As a company, BB is doing much better now that it’s distanced itself from hardware. The experience of the 3DR Solo drone is that the user base has moved into a self support community after the company moved into software only.

Sadly, many companies with liabilities in an area will sell off an underperforming division to a shell company without assets in order to limit liability to the original developer and allow the assetless company to fail. The fact that no company is touting acquisition of the Dash and Headphones is more than a clue to expect this is the end of the current line.