Bragi dash pro right bud lost connection and not charging


Hi Bragi team, about one month ago I bought the bragi dash pro and it was working all fine until this afternoon. The right bragi dash pro stopped working and whenever I tried to connect the dash with my device, it works for a few seconds then everytime it loses the connection. The right bud doesn’t charge. (it flashes much less frequently than the left one and stops before the flash dims normally). The touching operation on the right side does not work either.

I tried to reset the bragi by pushing the button on the left side of the case and it does not help. And the updating won’t start as the software ask me to charge my bragi for 15 min but nothing happens after half hour. Seemingly it encounters some kind of hardware issue that software resetting does not solve the problem.

It is really frustrating that I just got them for a month and now I cannot enjoy the brage anymore. I am currently living in the Netherlands. If the bragi team can provide any help it will be much appreciated.



Hi Jason,

Thanks for the support - We’re really sorry to hear about the issue. I would kindly ask you to provide me with your email, in order to escalate this to our Technical Support Team!

Looking forward to hearing from you.