Bragi Dash Pro Not Working

So i got these bragi dash pro’s for my birthday and when i try to set them up or even try and use them nothing happens, I need for someone to help me. Also when i try to update them the bragi updater just crashes the second I connect the bragi dash pro to my pc and in the odd chance that the updater works when I try too reinstall the update nothing happens at ALL!!!
Anyone have the same problem or can help me find a solution!!!

perform a Recovery Update, which is an alternate update procedure to the Desktop Updater and the Rapid Update:

  1. Make sure, The Charger is charged.
  2. Insert both The Left Dash Pro and The Right Dash Pro and attach it to the computer via the USB (leave it attached).
  3. Press the reset button of The Charger for 1-2 seconds.
  4. After a few seconds “DASH PRO L” and “DASH PRO” might show up in file manager and sometimes it won’t, please continue in either way.
  5. Now press the reset button of The Charger for 5 seconds until the LED of The Charger (next to the USB port) blinks red 3 times and wait for a few seconds.
  6. You should now see “DASH PRO L” and “DASH PRO” in your Explorer/Finder. You can identify The Left Dash Pro by the lower storage size of about ~4MB and no “My Music” folder inside. Also, it has a letter “L” on the end of its name. The other folder represents The Right Dash Pro.
  7. Download
    Firmware Right Dash:
    Firmware Left Dash:
    Put the left side rapid update file fwthedash_bl.bra on The Left Dash Pro and the right side update file fwthedash_br.bra on The Right Dash Pro.
  8. After you copied both files to the respective side of The Dash Pro (It might a bit longer for The Left Dash Pro to transfer the file), disconnect the USB cable (don’t reconnect).
  9. The Dash Pro will begin to blink rapidly which indicates the update has begun, it can take a few seconds before this starts. Once your Dash is breathing as normal the update is completed. This process takes between 5 to 10 minutes. It is possible that the LED of The Dash Pro might breathe red, indicating that the battery was empty and is now charging.
  10. Your The Dash Pro is now recovered. Let it charge and have fun with it.

In case the Dash Pro is not connecting to your PC, please try this procedure using a different Micro USB cable.
If the connection is still not working please send us a picture of The Dash Pro and The Charger focusing the golden charging pins. Furthermore, if you are facing any difficulties performing this procedure please let us know at which exact step of the recovery update you do.

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