Bragi Dash Pro - Earbud tips trying out

Hi All

As you may/may not know - you cannot buy replacement earbuds for your Dash Pro - which is unfortuante because they either get lost or wear out.
I am fortunate that my Dash Pro is still working very well (after many years) and I am still happy with them
however my medium sized tips just died on me and I had been searching for a good set to replace

Which is tough because either any replacement tips dont fit right - or wont fit in the charger case so it becomes a pain to take on/off every time just to charge you buds.
I have tried dozens of tips - comply, etc etc, -nothing worked just right.

Well - I might have found a good set on Amazon yesterday
they are from misodiko

Going to try them out and see how they work out - ! they look promising.

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Thanks for the share Michael, fingers crossed they fit in the case ok etc… I’ve not really used the foam tips. As you may remember I have a medium skin with a sugru moulded sausage under the rubber ear flange and a sugru moulder housing too.

Actually with regards fit I was at the beach at the weekend and wore my dash (I chanced my old white dash 1.0 pair) into the ocean to swim. It was my first time taking them into water other than a shower. Bizarre putting my head under and still hearing music. They were secure with the large fitsleeves though on number 2 I got a bit of water in and I had to wiggle my ear a bit with my finger to straighten the sound up again but they never felt like they’d fall out. So cool. I’m convinced the transparent sleeves that come with the white dash model is more grippy than the black sleeves that come with the black dash though.

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tried these buds out - the fit perfectly on the Dash Pro (you have to remove the sizing ring before attaching)
They fit perfect in the Charger - so thats a bonus

They do well in the isolation of sound and would recommend these to anyone who needs to find a new set

I bought Medium sized - but think I need Small sized - which I will be getting shortly.

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Wonderful news Michael, this is a great find for those who use the foam tips and can no longer buy replacements as the shop is shut down. Fitting in the charger is a big thing here so good to know.

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