Bragi App Trigered as dash is inserted?


The Bragi app can’t be trigered as the dash is connected? Once we have booth dash in our ears ? Would it be possible to connect the bragi app from the 4d menu?



Are you not able to to connect your Dash with The Bragi App? I would just like to clarify it, so we can help you solving the issue :slight_smile:

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Your Team Bragi


Hello Kristian

Let give you an exemple. I connect the dash to my phone and listen to some music, after a while I disconnect. After this “first” time listen to music I feel like to hear some more, I insert the dash in booth ears and I hear " I am now connected" and I can start to listen to music but I go to the phone and in the Bragi app the dash is not connected, I need to go trough the pairing process again, I hope I made myself clear. Much apreciate your opinion.

I think I got the solution for this “issue” I cleaned the cache of the bragi app and now every time I connect the dash to my phone the app also initiates.