Bragi App - Music Management


I would like to suggest two additions to the Bragi App when it comes to Music Management. I will reference devices that already do what I am suggesting just to show that the ideas are already being implemented by products in the same category. Since the Dash leads the category in so many ways, it seems a shame that they would lag in these small areas.

  1. An equalizer whose settings would be saved to the Dash/Dash Pro (Jaybird Freedom)
    • I recently received my Tailored By Starkey Dash Pro and noticed that the bass is very high. Don’t get me wrong, it sounds good, but it would be nice to be able to turn it down slightly. The bass may seem higher on the Starkey version because of the custom fit, but that is even more of a reason to allow users to customize their settings.

  2. An easier way to add and manage the music on the Dash Pro (Samsung IconX)
    • The ability to add full playlists from your phone to the Dash. Either via Bluetooth or physical USB connection.
    • I have a long playlist on my phone that I like to use when I work out. When I had the Samsung IconX, I just had to go into the app on my phone and select the playlist in order to transfer all of the songs. But on the Dash, I had to spend hours manually copying all of the songs over.


yes - to me having the ability to use PlayLists makes a lot of sense.
i might have many playlists with some of the same files used in the different play list -
right now - this makes me copy the same music file into the seperate folders - thus reducing the amount of different music i can store on the buds.
Having a playlist that simply points to the files location allows me to have many playlist with maximum number of music files.