Bragi app 3.2.1 in iOS 13.1.2 - Music Personalization setup crashes

This personalization hearing profile setup feature works in iOS 12.4.2 (latest version on iOS 12) but not in iOS 13.1.2. Please fix an app update.

I’d try deleting the iOS app and reinstalling. I had the same problem and that’s what their support team suggested that I do:

Thanks for your message.

We are sorry that you are experiencing some connection issues with the new iOS update. We have received some feedback that reinstalling Bragi App and reinstalling the connections helps to resolve this.
In order to fix this, please follow the instructions below:

First of all please restart your iPhone and remove all The Dash Bluetooth connections, we suggest reinstalling the App
Afterwards, Reset your Dash:
Place The Dash in The Charger and make sure it sits on the MagSnap.
Press and hold the pinhole button until you see 3 red flashes on The Charger LED (NOT The Dash LED).
Release after the 3 red flashes and The Dash is reset.
Place only the right Dash inside your ear and activate the standalone mode by performing a double-tap gesture
Now activate the Bluetooth Visibility on The Dash by performing a long hold gesture until the connection sound plays
Open the Bluetooth-settings of your iPhone and connect The Dash to your phone

Sometimes The Dash will connect to your phone but won’t start streaming music. Usually, this should be solved by choosing “The Dash” as the streaming device in the Airplay settings.

The next time you are connecting via Bragi App, the Bluetooth Classic connection should have no issue pairing and then just wait for BLE to connect.

Let us know if you have further questions.

All the best,
Karl & your Team Bragi

Now I’m trying to figure out why my Dash won’t work with my Mac which I just upgraded to Mac OS Catalina :-/

Thanks @marcwis! I do not know what solved it but I reinstalled the app + re-paired the BT. Personaliziation setup works again! Still alive and kicking! (I am one of the lucky ones having a The Dash Pro since 2 years that has not got broken in any way.) I have dropped the ear pieces a couple of times and my blood froze for some minute each time hoping they did not break. The charger pins is also happy still. So lucky…

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iOS 13.3 and the App still crashes on Music Personalization menu, followed the procedure described here without success. Is an App update coming any time soon to address this?