Bragi 3.2 July 17Th!


I will have to say - that while the earbuds are stating that it is / has recorded activity - I am not getting any activity showing up in the BRAGI App (3.2 version)

I am using Android (Galaxy S9) and both Bragi App / buds running latest 3.2


Thanks for the feedback! All your great inputs will be forwarded to out Development Team, so we can try matching all expectations in the future :slight_smile:

If there is anything else, please let us know.

Kristian - Team Bragi


Brilliant to say the least. It’s a very good update, no more need for an EQ from now on we all have our own private one.

Keep up the great work.


New discovery on 3.2

Before 3.2 I could play music on spotify for example during my morning commute. Throughout the day android would kill the process so spotify wasn’t always open I think so when putting the dash back in and with no music application in the foreground, or loaded, pressing PLAY would only toggle the audio transparancy on and off as there was nothing to play. You had to open the phone and launch spotify again to get it to play.

This isn’t the case any more. I just put my dash in, and the spotify icon wasn’t showing in the notification bar. However by pressing play, after a brief delay, my spotify playlist resumed… all without me having to touch my phone :blush:



I need help,im trying to update to 3.2 and afer i plug in the usb,a popup tells me that theres a problem with this drive,scan the drive now to fix can i do this?any ideas?


I get this error as well. I had a helpdesk ticket on another matter and in the process of following the steps suggested, caused this problem.

On a Windows PC, the error is reported when there is a mismatch between two copies of the File Allocation Table or parts of two or more files are supposedly at the same storage address or a file has an incorrect size reported or Windows detects a Cyclic Redundancy mismatch. This error frequently arises when unplugging the USB cable interrupts the process while files are being written to the Bragi or other USB drive. There are other possible causes.

When Windows sees the error, it usually offers to repair it then and there. In my experience, that usually fixes the problem but any cross linked or improperly sized or addressed files are simply lost in the process. However, in my help ticket, I was told not to allow Windows to repair the drive so since April, every time I connect my Right Dash to move some MP3 files, I am presented with the error.

At this point, it is not causing an actual problem and my update to 3.2 went smoothly. As far as I can tell, all my MP3 files are playing and Windows reports about 3.5 gigs of space so I can ignore the error.

I specifically asked in my ticket how this error might be resolved but my ticket was closed without presenting a solution.

I would think that I should be able to let Windows fix the internal file system error, perhaps lose some files in the process and then reinstall the firmware which ought to fix/replace any needed Bragi files and I can replace any possibly lost MP3 files as desired

I believe that a robust firmware update process should be able to partition and format a drive, create a folder structure and set up all necessary files. The current update process doesn’t do that as it leaves the MP3 files in place. Bragi provides several update/restore methods so perhaps one could be comprehensive enough to resolve the file system error.

As it stands, my Dash are working and I don’t want to risk bricking them. I can’t get an answer from tech support and they didn’t seem at all qualified to deal with the problem so I’m leaving well enough alone.


Hi, i did not mean cycling Speed while tracking, that is always working. I meaned that there is no Speed data in the History :wink:
Maybe i will test googlefit for Diagramm :chart_with_upwards_trend: :man_shrugging: But i dont like there “datarules”.



And even a Widget would be great, with some shortcuts :+1::heart_eyes:


I noticed the same on my galaxy s9. All works flawlessly now with the google assistant!


Really very cool update!
The sound became cleaner and louder. It’s crawling. That’s great. Thank you!

But I have been waiting for almost a year to be able to disable notifications when running every 5 minutes. It’s embarrassing! Please make a hot fix possible to disable notifications when running.


Of course. If the installer app works this is not the easiest way…
Why this method is presented here is of course for us that does not get that “click one button - 5 min - done”


I had 2 outdoor bike activities today. At this point, 2 show up in Google Fit and 1 in the Bragi app. The first of the 2 have a Bragi icon in the activity and the second doesn’t yet. Google fit gives a map of the route, an elevation graph and a speed graph. I haven’t found a heart rate graph for cycling though Google Fit has displayed a heart rate graph for runs. Google Fit recorded the 2nd activity as lasting 46 minutes but that included a stop at a neighbor’s before I started the activity by tapping the headphone after leaving the neighbor’s resulting in an incorrect time and average speeds. I did insert the headphones for that 46 minute duration and Google Fit has never logged a bike ride by itself before so I really have no idea what’s going on or what graphs Google Fit should be able to construct from Bragi data. Clearly, the map, elevation and speed are from the GPS. The start and stop time signals may come from the Dash headphones via the app, but no useful cadence or heart rate data appears to be provided. I’ve never activated the auto record activity so I have no idea how the 2nd bike activity was started about 15 minutes before I told the Dash to start recording.

I have a VDO bike computer with wireless speed and cadence transmitters that may interfere with the Bluetooth connection and front and rear led lamps that generate a fair amount of electromagnetic interference that disrupt the VDO signal unless these are carefully placed away from the bike computer. I assume this wireless environment probably accounts for poor Bluetooth connectivity between the Dash and the Bragi app. I’m tempted to just abandon the Dash for cycling and use a wireless chest strap with a Garmin app further muddying the Bluetooth environment. Wired headphones will then become my best option.

I’ve had the Dash since April and still don’t really know what to expect in what the data ought to look like because it works so differently with different sports and even from one use to the next. I know that Google Fit can capture the Heart Rate data for a run/walk. Is it Fit or Bragi that is missing the boat for cycling?

Is there even one other person on the forum who has used Google Fit with the Bragi App for cycling?


Every time I opened the Bragi App to review activity history after yesterday’s two biking activities, it gave a spinning ‘busy icon’. I tried this several times with the headphone in. Ultimately I rebooted the phone yesterday and upon opening the Activity history screen, the 2nd biking activity finally showed in the Bragi app.

I checked Goigle Fit and it continued to show a 46 minute activity despite Bragi showing it as 29 minutes. Google Fit continued only to show one of the two activities with the Bragi icon.

This morning I checked the Google Fit app one more time and the duration of the activity was now reduced from 46 minutes to 29 almost matching the Bragi numbers, but a few seconds shorter duration approximating the time it took to stop the activity with the touch interface but there was still no icon indicating the numbers came from Bragi.


I cycled to work today with BlueTooth off on my phone and the Dash playing Map3 music as well as recording the activity. I attempted to capture the activity with the Dash hoping to synch to the app when I arrived. I heard the 5 minute reports of heartrate and cadence so I expected the activity was being captured.

After connecting to BlueTooth at my destination, the app showed a constant spinning ‘busy’ icon in the activity review window and did not show the ride. As I have had to in the past, I rebooted the phone after several minutes to see whether that would cause the synch to complete. This time, rebooting failed and so far, the cycling activity doesn’t show up in the Bragi app.

These inconsistent results are very annoying. Most of my annoyance arises from the fact that there is no manual about the steps that one should take to do things like synch an activity that was recorded by the Dash while disconnected and no information about what information is available for synch. My problem is, as it has been in the past, that I don’t know whether it’s working as it should or whether I’m doing something wrong or whether there really is some kind of defect in my Dash.

I was quite happy to see several older activities appear in the history log after updating the firmware and app but even after the update, the refusal to synch at all or sometimes only after a reboot means that I can’t get reliable fitness tracking like I can with other devices.

I was really looking forward to using the Dash for listening to audio books while swimming laps but have yet to even try it because it seems unable to reliably transfer fitness data after being disconnected to play MP3 files. Of couse, while swimming, my phone is far away in a locker and my only hope is to connect Bluetooth after the activity.