Bragi 3.2 July 17Th!


Google ‘bragi rapid update’ or ‘recovery update’ and it’ll bring you right to the page where you can download the left and right files. It won’t say 3.2 but I did this today and can confirm they are the new ones.

Once downloaded. Plug both dash into PC and press reset button for 2 seconds, both drives will mount. Copy right to right, left to left and then unplug and they should FLASH. let this happen until BOTH units are breathing… Then put in wars and wait to be told the update was successful.

Good luck!


@Bob - what type of phone (IOS/Android) , I had a similar issue but rebooted my phone after updates and all was good after then.


Using an iPhone 6. Tried to do a reset connected to my Mac mini, and won’t fl ash red. Just keeps flashing blue.


Will try this now, Thanks!

Well, that was a no go as well. At least I can still use them to listen to music. Just can’t use the Bragi app anymore.

Update: Actually turning off then on my iPhone worked. Just had to wait a little longer for the Bluetooth Sensors to connect! As was stated before, what a difference in the quality of sound of my music!


Folks. I’ve made two observations… and one is BIG. Something that I’ve had legitimate issues with in the past.

Firstly- Kristian has confirmed that there should not be any difference in audio transparency quality as a result of the Mimi system. Although, I am almost certain that I’m experiencing a positive difference. more clarity my own voice is less muffled to me… Has anyone else felt this?

Two - the BIG one. For anyone who uses google assistant you’ll know that you can ask your phone to play a song and it will open your music library or spotify and automatically play. Or you can say ‘Schedule an appointment’ and you can dictate a calendar reminder. Or you can ask the phone to read your messages. WELL, all this worked fine for me— when the screen was ON and unlocked. If I tried these commands with the screen off (IE in my pocket where I most likely want to use handsfree voice commands) it would never work.

The spotify command was recognised but the song wouldn’t actually play, until I hit the power button, then the app would open and it’d play almost like it was just queued.

The calendar appointment command just wouldn’t work at all with google telling me it can’t help with that. Again, if the screen was on, NO problems.

Asking to read message again prompted me to be told google couldn’t do that. With the screen on zero issue.

SO! after updating to 3.2 today, I am soooooo happy to report that all these functions are functioning while the phone is locked and screen off. If ANYONE has had issues like this in the past, rerun your tests as you may be surprised like I am!!

BTW I’m not assigning any blame to Bragi, or Google, or android as I have no idea where the issue lay, but all I know is it’s working now :slight_smile:


Google Assistant commands- Screen on Vs Screen off

Nice one! I’ve actually got a Dash 1.0 still too. I’ve got them in shipping mode in my cupboard as backups :slight_smile:

The bluetooth was the milestone difference for sure. Connection is perfect now for phone in pocket and music streaming without things cutting out when looking over your shoulder.

You mentioned you have a Note 8? (great phone… me too!! :slight_smile: ) well, when I got MY note 8 i immediately noticed that my Dash 1.0 BT connection was superior to that of the Note 4! For the final few weeks I existed with Dash 1.0 before the Pro I actually could look over my shoulder with the phone in my right pocket without a break, though it was still a very fine line. This was my first taste of what it could be like. Now with the pro all is great.

I think the pro sound was better than the 1.0 even out of the box mate, but it’s been so long now don’t quote me!


Wow, this update rocks! The sound is so much better now. If the Bluetooth connection of my good old “The Dash” has also been improved, that would be awesome.


You should notice a dramatic difference in sound quality. Or at least I have over the last 3 hours of using my KS Dash. Some songs that sounded minutely distorted before are crystal clear. Giving my IEM’s a step backward. Also BT seems to be improved as I can now place my iPhone in my back pocket without any dropouts.


I updated both the firmware and the android app. I verified that my profile settings in the app mostly survived the updates. Curiously, it lost only the gender setting which went from male to blank. I then found it odd that the music personalization asked me my birth year given that the actual birth date remained correctly set in the app profile from before these updates.

My firmware update on the original pre pro Dash units went quite smoothly. Two points in my firmware update raised concerns. The first related to the progress bar for the firmware download which jumped from 0 to 34 to 67 to 100%. The pauses between the jumps were long enough to have me question whether progress was being made but ultimately it completed the download. The second came when presented with the choice of waiting after pressing the reset button or clicking a button on the updater application. I was aware of some changes in the flashing lights in the Dash units but failed to see any comprehensible indication of progress. Ultimately I did not click the button in the application and waited it out and the process completed.

The progress feedback is inadequate and is likely to cause frustration and failed updates for many less patient users.

I would really like to see a phase of firmware resets and installs that clears file system errors. In following the specific and literal steps of several previous reinstalls provided through Bragi support, I didn’t ‘safely remove’ my right earpiece and ever since, Windows reports a problem with the right Bragi ‘drive’ which it offers to repair.

I have been told by support not to allow Windows to repair the file system but would expect that if I reformatted the drive and ran a firmware reset, that both Windows and the Dash should be fine. I don’t want to brick my Dash but am concerned that there is some kind of unresolved problem for which there should be a resolution.


That worked. Thanks!


I have updated the guide with links.


You are correct. It was a while a go I used the feature. Might be as you write. :+1:


Please can you just explain what are the new features in tha new update?


In a nutshell Bratomx1-


Please have a look here!





Exactly! Hearing changes over time, and to make sure that you get the best sound experience, this is a must :smiley:

Good input :heart_eyes:


Hi, i’m happy with the update, and have also the meaning, that “Windshield” works now better :man_shrugging:

But some things are still Not available or a Problem

  • How can i close the Bragi app by Android
    It’s still running and waiting for connecting (no more eject Button)
    -The activity List with the report of the last activities dont Show the Speed of cycling :man_shrugging: and it Would be great if there will be a Diagramm function :chart_with_upwards_trend: where you can See a positiv or negativ tendency.

The better hearing expirience is for me after the update a great Gift and agrees with me positively to spend so much Money for a “updatable Headphone”
Thx and please keep on working on such a beautifull product :+1:


Speed while cycling requires you to toggle on GPS at the bottom of the settings page and you also need to ensure location services are on and enabled in the Bragi Android app.

The only graphing function I’ve gotten from the Dash so far is through Google Fit which must be installed on your Android device and turned on near the top on the Bragi app settings page. I am still experimenting with this functionality as I have had difficulties recording activites with the Bragi app in the past.


I just did an indoor workout that included a 10 minute indoor biking session using the latest firmware and Android version of the Bragi App.

All profile settings were correct and access to ‘Your location’ was enabled in app settings. I was listening to a Youtube presentation and started and stopped the activity as biking using the touch interface. I fumbled a bit getting the activity to stop with the result that the cadence was lower than the electronic metronome pace I followed by 1 rpm. The Bragi app also provided a duration and average heartrate, both of which have been accurate. There was no indication of distance though I had anticipated a zero distance as I had ensured that GPS was on in the Bragi App settings page before I started my workout.

I subsequently checked the app settings page and GPS was again switched off. Now I’m second guessing myself and will need to retest. Perhaps outdoors tomorrow if the rain lets up.

Checking Google Fit, I was provided a calorie estimate as well as a graph of the heart rate as well as a numerical heart rate min and max. I’m hoping to get speed and distance detail from the Fit App as well if I can get the phone GPS to turn on and stay active in the Bragi App.