Bragi 3.2 July 17Th!


New version of the Bragi app for iOS is up in App Store.


mount together and then pinhole press is the way to go! update worked for me

same - the single mount of the Left did not work - thanks for the info!


Hey guys, Long time no see! So as everyone else I am updating a new pair of dash from 3.1 to 3.2. Guess who is stuck at Updating This will take up to 5 minutes… 20, 30, ??? I’m not touching it until someone tells me to! LOL BTW Its pulse breathing simultaneously while i wait. I’m pretty sure they’re supposed to be flashing independently…:grimacing:


Oh I am a rebel. For anyone stuck at updating on the updater, Just pinhole press and it will start updating… Only the bold make things happen!


I do find it hilarious that when it finishes the See What’s New link takes you to the 3.1 information. :thinking::joy::rofl:


Whoa! This is a lot better sounding after setting up the hearing profile. Anyone else notice anything new?


So back to the equalizer topic. Still nothing huh? It’s cool, almost all phones can download and use a 3rd party app. Also from what I’ve seen most LG and Samsung devices have some sort of equalizer built in… Man my new old dash never sounded so nice!


I have always been happy with the sound on my Dash pro. Initial impressions here is that the sound is more lively and defined- like some of the more quiet, high end instrumentation is easier to pick out.

Question for Bragi though CC @Kristian- I feel like the audio transparency has been altered too and I feel like I can hear myself better when in conversation, which is good. I wonder does the Mimi defined audio profile ONLY apply to music, or does this have an effect on the audio transparency too?

Thank you very much!


First of all, awesome to see that you guys are so active in here, helping each other with Bragi products. Such a great Team Effort #TeamBragi.

So, I’ve just talked to the Audio Department, and they’ve mentioned the following:

‘‘There shouldn’t be any effect on Audio Transparency based on the implementation that has been done on the platform side for BOS 3.2. To rule it 100% out, we need to do measurements which can be done tomorrow if needed.’’

Let us know if there is anything!


Absolutely incredible, thanks so much for confirming. I didn’t THINK there would be as the feature clearly refers to music only, but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Yes Kristian! We’ve got our fingers on the pulse in here today :slight_smile: Happy to receive the update thanks.


Don’t hesitate to reach out! It’s awesome having all of you guys in this forum.

Keep it up, and enjoy your Personalised Sound :smiley:



And google play as well…


Had no problem updating, but when connecting to the app, I have a green arrow for Bluetooth connection to my Dash but no green arrow for Bluetooth sensors as it refuses to connect. Any solution?


Yes! unpair both the app and in bluetooth settings. I had to re-pair to get the battery information On my Note 8 :metal::+1:


Ah, I’m still on my Original Dash Bane!! Night and day difference. I had the opportunity to check out the dash pro and honestly the only thing I found different was the bluetooth connection. Correct me if I’m wrong. There is a HUGE difference in sound definitely even using my Note 8 Sound Assistant. It cranks!


How did you get the left and right files? I have done recovery updates before. But I cannot locate them on the site. My Update apps sticks at “preparing” When I try to do the old original update via the web site, it says no files are downloadable.


Thanks, but tried that numerous times. In the app Bluetooth Sensors just keep showing “connecting” forever. Perhaps I need to plug into my computer and perform a factory reset.


The reason I say that, Is because when I first updated everything, I had the same exact issue. I had to remove my settings from the app, remove the devices from bluetooth, turned off and back on bluetooth to make sure it stuck. Then I closed the app and restarted it, followed the prompts and viola. Good Luck!


Keep it connected while its stuck and hit the reset button for 2 seconds , it will immediately start flashing left to right. Let it be until it finishes.


Yeah, it’s just not working at all doing that. Will reset.