Bragi 3.2 July 17Th!


From Bragi Updater:


Updating the right Dash Pro now… (using the “Bragi OS - Rapid Software Update Procedure”).



Now updating the left Dash Pro…
Mounting takes time on this one. Normal. Being patient…:wink:


can’t wait to see what the new update brings.


…second try: so I am still trying to mount the left Dash Pro with the procedure…waiting patiently…(up to 5 minutes as suggested)


Updating the updater, can’t wait to actually update the dash pro.


Got this updated guide for a Recovery update.
Much better & faster!

perform a Recovery Update, which is an alternate update procedure to the Desktop Updater and the Rapid Update:

  1. Make sure, The Charger is charged.

  2. Insert both The Left Dash Pro and The Right Dash Pro and attach it to the computer via the USB (leave it attached).

  3. Press the reset button of The Charger for 1-2 seconds.

  4. After a few seconds “DASH PRO L” and “DASH PRO” might show up in file manager and sometimes it won’t, please continue in either way.

  5. Now press the reset button of The Charger for 5 seconds until the LED of The Charger (next to the USB port) blinks red 3 times and wait for a few seconds.

  6. You should now see “DASH PRO L” and “DASH PRO” in your Explorer/Finder. You can identify The Left Dash Pro by the lower storage size of about ~4MB and no “My Music” folder inside. Also, it has a letter “L” on the end of its name. The other folder represents The Right Dash Pro.

  7. Download
    Firmware Right Dash:
    Firmware Left Dash:
    Put the left side rapid update file fwthedash_bl.bra on The Left Dash Pro and the right side update file fwthedash_br.bra on The Right Dash Pro.

  8. After you copied both files to the respective side of The Dash Pro (It might a bit longer for The Left Dash Pro to transfer the file), disconnect the USB cable (don’t reconnect).

  9. The Dash Pro will begin to blink rapidly which indicates the update has begun, it can take a few seconds before this starts. Once your Dash is breathing as normal the update is completed. This process takes between 5 to 10 minutes. It is possible that the LED of The Dash Pro might breathe red, indicating that the battery was empty and is now charging.

  10. Your The Dash Pro is now recovered. Let it charge and have fun with it.

In case the Dash Pro is not connecting to your PC, please try this procedure using a different Micro USB cable.
If the connection is still not working please send us a picture of The Dash Pro and The Charger focusing the golden charging pins. Furthermore, if you are facing any difficulties performing this procedure please let us know at which exact step of the recovery update you do.

No sound in left ear
Lost sound in left ear but
Moblies cannot find my Dash Pro

Update done with success!


In the iOS app it says non-public version. I am guessing that info will be pushed out over the day. Or a new Bragi app is coming…!


First discovery: Is it just me or has the Shortcut feature become more stable (double tapping the right cheek)?


Android app update is available.


Any new features list yet?


Yes, a smart audio test that set up a user audio profile !


So Apple, release the new version of the Bragi in App Store then!! (I know that updated apps that will appear in the App Store can sometimes be time consuming).

What else?


Release Features
Hear every detail with Mimi Defined™
⟩ Everybody hears sounds differently and your hearing even changes over the course of your life. Music personalization by Mimi Defined™ is capable to adapt the sound of The Dash Pro to your individual hearing with a simple hearing test. This allows you to hear every detail of your favorite music like never before.

⟩ Overall stability improvements.

Known Issues
⟩ Some content from push notifications is not available when The Dash Pro is not connected to the Bragi app.
⟩ Wrong music handling when clicking the view hearing profile button from the Bragi App.
⟩ Wrong music handling when exiting the view hearing profile from the Bragi App.
⟩ Android compatibility: Mimi Defined™ is only available for Android 5.0 and above.
⟩ iOS compatibility: Mimi Defined™ is only available for iOS 10 and above.


This is so much more useful than rapid update instructions which still claim you must mount the right and left dash separately. i learned this doesn’t work anymore last year, the left dash never mounts on it’s own after a 2 sec pin hole press.

mount together and then pinhole press is the way to go! update worked for me


Why don’t you use use the updater software for the Mac or Windows and you’ll have it done it 5 minutes? No playing around needed at all, just very straight forward. Surprised people are even using the old way anymore!


Depends… When was the last time you used it? I had to turn it off in the past because it was false positiving so much… however quite recently, 2 or 3 weeks back, I activated it again to test and it was actually very usable. Once in a long while it would activate stepping off a curb, but nothing like it used to. And it will activate the odd time when I’m cycling over bumps, but to be honest, it’s no shame for the device. It’s built to trigger around localised rhythmic vibration so being barraged with judders of vibrations when going over a rough patch is easily misinterpreted.

To answer your question, my experience of increased stability was actually present during the last OS so it may or may not be improved or further refined in this version 3.2

Hope this helps.


This new update is AMAZING! Probably the best update for the Pro so far. The music is noticeably louder and clearer, the volume adjusts to the way it fits my ears instead of it defaulting to the mid range of the master volume every time it connects which was very annoying. I’m blown away! Don’t notice any improvements with the ‘Shortcut’ feature though


I’m on a work PC at the moment that won’t let me install the installer i’m afraid- so happy to have had the recovery update method!