Bragi 3.2 July 17Th!


Just got an email . . . . . can’t wait!

BOS Update 3.2 - July 17th


Yes! I just got it too!
Exciting news!


Will original Dash be included?


I’m pretty sure there is no difference differentiation between dash and dash pro software. I think they are the same so you should also be due the upgrade!!


Thank You! Was certainly hoping so as my KS Dash keeps working great.


Bring on Tuesday Bob!!! I’m excited


Yeah, I really enjoy using my Dash and the Headphone, more so than any other wireless earbuds I have.


What other units do you use Bob?


I have had all of the Bragi units. Gave the Headphone away. Sold the original dash. Now have the Dash Pro and the Starkey custom.
Can’t wait to see what they are doing with the next update.


I have all the Bragi earbuds, IQBuds, AirPods, both Earin M-1& M2, Sudio Niva, and Trinity Audio Phantom Air. Also the AIAIAI TM-2 wireless/wired over ears. I prefer the Dash Pro by Starkey and the Headphone the most, then the KS Dash and IQBuds, AirPods are strictly used when painting as I don’t mind if I get paint on them, Earin M-2 needs firmware updates as it exhibits similar issues as when the Dash came out, Sudio Niva is actually a great wireless earbud as I,be experienced zero problems but don’t like the fit as well, the Air is a work in progress for me to try and elimate the issues so not used, and the TM-2 is just for something different when my ears feel uncomfortable enough after using earbuds. Must say I have been very lucky in my experiences with what I have. And not looking for any more.


Forgot to mention that I have several BT cables to fit all my wired IEM’s for more options.


What features do you guys think will be added to this release ?
The mail is mentioning “the most used feature of The Dash Pro”, what could that be ?



Wow that’s an extensive collection!!! Very nice


Due to the mention of the most used part of the dash I’m thinking this will be a software tweak to the audio to perhaps further improve perceived sound quality for music. I’d like to see that transfer to phone calls too as it’s something I’m often in two minds about, whether to take a call on the dash or just disconnect and pick up normally


Interesting that some people are getting notifications by email. I have an account here and have opened a ticket with their helpdesk in the past. Searching all folders including junk, spam and deleted, my last communication from Bragi was in April.


Have you signed up for the newsletter?
That’s how they can be able to push out news.


It’s time…00:00 17 July!
Bring us the news!


Guess who is going to try to update its bragi dash pro every single 1/2 hour today …


When it is time to update this is the best way to do it from my experience.



First sign…