Both dash peaces cracks on same place. Left stop glowing, charging and now dead. Help!


Everything was fine for å month but then after using the dash every day swiming the left stop glowing but stil worked. But 2 months in i noticed the battery drained superfast on the same earpeace. A few days later I noticed smal cracks apparing on the “plastic” of the earpeace so I stoped using it when swiming. Maby a week later it just complitly died and has never worked since. And if that wasnt enough now the same crack has appaird on the right dash. On the exactly same place!
Im horrified of the poor quality being as expencive as this purchise was! I really feel scamed bragi. You say it’s waterproof. I can tell you thats just temparery!


All of The Dashes are waterproof to IPX7, as per articles at (search for “water”.) Don’t feel scammed! If yours has cracked open then you should contact support and see if they can work with you on a warrantee replacement!

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