BOS3 Sound Quality Improvements?


I’ve just updated to BOS 3 on my original Dash. When learning about some of the new features there looks to be an improvement to sound quality. More bass and warmer mids. I’m currently not experiencing such an improvement. I found these statements on the BOS3 Update page below, but can’t seem to find any way to adjust the sound quality in the Bragi iOS app. Is anyone able to do this?

From the website:

  • “With increased maximum volume, more bass, warmer mids, richer highs and dynamic loudness control.”
  • “Increased Audio Transparency Volume and optimized EQ now offer a natural tonal balance.”


Not sure about the sound quality. But the Audio Transparency sounds cleaner ?


Audio transparency is a different world in 3.0. It’s really fantastic. At good volume level voices in conversation sound superbly natural


I agree that the over all sound is better than in 2.2. I can verify that they have given a little higher volume ceiling as well. It’s as loud as I’ll ever need it to be.


FYI from the Bragi Update Changelog:

Audio improvements

⟩ Reduced audibility of the headphone’s self-noise. 

⟩ Better perceived tonal balance between bass, mid, and treble. 

⟩ Loudness compensation that preserve the tonal balance at all volume levels. 

⟩ Maximum volume increased by 2 dB (94 to 96 dB) 

⟩ Clear Audio transparency (Bionic Hearing) 

⟩ Versant 2.0. for best in class telephony in all environments and optimized speech intelligibility for External Device Voice Assistants (e.g. Siri, GoogleNow) 

⟩ Improved fading behavior of music during voice prompt playback 

⟩ Gain adjustments of all voice prompts 

⟩ Removed audio artifacts during playback of certain voice prompts and soundicons 

⟩ Audio artefacts (removed crackling sound artifacts - left side)

But I still noticed hv popping crackling sound in left side.:rage: