Bluetooth on Dash


As an one of the original owners of the Dash I have always had an issue with trying to use the bluetooth outside. It works great indoors when there is a ceiling and walls for it to bounce off of. Outdoors even with me holding the same iPhone I used indoors just a couple of minutes ago I keep getting a broken connection. Has anyone else had this issue and have they found a way to keep a good bluetooth connection while outdoors?


Hey Parrot head.

I think this experience is pretty universal. Even on my good working pair of the Dash I found it difficult even in the right pocket with my phone’s BT antenna side facing up. Looking both ways before crossing traffic made breaks a certainty. From the over all general consensus I feel this was just a limitation of the first wave product. It’s such an awesome piece of hardware so awesome features, great sound, superb fit for me as well as being the most gorgeous thing on the market still in this form factor. I was lucky that I’m not much of a streamer so I utilised the 4GB onboard storage for music. As a version 2.0 reports are coming in that the Bluetooth is now usable on the dash by a combination of updated hardware from the headphone as well as the learnings gleaned from the first Dash in terms of software. There are SO many components talking to each other at all times in these devices that signal noise effects BT so Bragi have been tinkering a lot I believe in how to maximise efficiency in these components to reduce interference.


Thanks so much Bane for your response. I really appreciate it. I also use the internal music player when outside but if i have my phone with me I either have to diconnect the entire bluetooth or the Bragi Bluetooth connection so it does not try to connect. I know the is just an annoyance and except for the bluetooth I really love the device. Once again thanks for your response


Welcome parrothead. It’s a forum for us enthusiasts so I like sharing any and all experiences with the device! Agreed. I loved everything and just wished for better bt. By all. Accounts the pro fulfills that