Bluetooth dropping constantly on iPhoneX


I am becoming increasingly frustrated by the bluetooth connectivity of my Dash Pro buds on my iPhone X. I cant even listen to one whole song without the connection dropping at least twice. My phone is sitting right next to me therefore signal should be strong, my OS is up to date and my batter fully charged. I NEVER had issues with this with my airpods. Please tell me if there is any resolution as a premium product like this should at least have good BT connectivlity.



Have you tried to perform a recovery update? This should help solving the issue.

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Hi I am having this exact problem. We just did a full update on the earbuds. This is very frustrating. Please help.


Have you tried to troubleshoot with our Support Team yet?

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I’ve been a very satisfied Bragi customer since Bragi OS 2.2 (around Feb 2017) – even despite a return or two (I have several units.) Bragi is great, IMO – please be nice to them! Remember: what goes around comes around – it’s karma.

I bought my Tailored Dash Pro around the time that iOS 11.3.1 was released and – ironically – noticed that the connection would drop very specifically for 3-5 seconds on occasion (about once or twice an hour – maybe thrice if it’s really bad) and especially when radically changing the positional orientation of my iPhone 6 and extra especially when inserting into my pants pocket, but not all the time. Just this morning it occurred while the phone and The Dash Pro were in very close range (about 10-15cm.) It’s ironic because The Dash with Bragi OS 3.1.1 never did this with my iPhone 6 before.

Extensive testing with iOS 4.2.1 and Windows 10 suggests that this is a problem with recent iOS releases, as both iOS 4.2.1 and Windows 10 work flawlessly with Bragi OS 3.2. My issue persists in iOS 11.4.1 and it occurs with all of my Bragi devices, including The Dash, The Dash Pro, The Dash Pro Tailored by Starkey and The Headphone. In addition, the issue that I am experiencing is limited to A2DP mode. I don’t get any BT connection drops with HFP mode and I use my HFP somewhat often.

I contacted Bragi support asking if any other users have reported this problem and they said no. I contacted Apple support and they said that, yes there were some significant changes to the Bluetooth stack in iOS 11.3.1. However, Apple said that in order to get engineering to look at the issue that there would need to be multiple users reporting the issue and that – essentially – Bragi engineering would need to drive the issue with Apple engineering.

@Kristian: Can you double check with the support team for iOS users reporting somewhat frequent (once or twice an hour – maybe thrice) connection drops of specifically 3-5 seconds while in A2DP mode? I think Apple may have introduced a regression. If not then maybe it’s an antenna issue with my iPhone, but I don’t have any other iOS 11 devices to test with. :frowning:

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Hi Josh,

Thanks for the very detailed description of the issue!

I’ll reach back to the Support Team, asking if this is a common issue :slight_smile:

Furthermore, I can have a chat with out Development Team in order to see if we have any ways this can be solved.



Well, I just updated to iOS 12 and after a long walk (about an hour), the issue with 3-5 second drop outs of the audio seems to have been resolved (for me, at least.) Have you tried updating to iOS 12?