Bluetooth difference between Dash and Dash-Pro


Hi Guys,

I’ve read that the Dash Pro has far superior Bluetooth connectivity compared to that of Dash (first generation model).

The both have BT v4 but can someone please advise the technical difference between the two and what makes Pro that much better for BT connections?



I have both dash! dash and dash pro!

The bluetooth connectitity of the dash pro is “much” better!




The Bluetooth in the Dash Pro is similar to that of the Headphones which was an improvement on the original Dash.

For really technical details you’ll have the check the FCC filing


I would really appreciate it to know if there really is a huge improvement in blue-tooth or just overall performance… please no ironic, i cant risk that much money im a high school student!!! Thank you!


The improvement is huge and real. When I wear my Dash I start loosing connection as soon as I leave my office. With the Dash Pro it happens much later. Plus it is now possible to wear the iPod in the left pocket of my trousers - something that would have caused interruptions with the Dash. So if bluetooth is what you worry about - its really better!